Jump Innovations Introduces Four New Functional Energy Drinks

DENVER, CO – May 30, 2006 – Bringing functionality and great taste to one of the fastest-growing beverage markets, Jump Innovations has introduced four new energy drink brands – Hot Pure Energy, Jump Coffee Energy Cola, Sentinel Energy and Recon Coffee Cola.

The company’s lead brand is Jump Coffee Energy Cola which is a concoction of natural caffeine, essential vitamins, and coffee, with cola and vanilla flavors. This product, along with the raspberry flavored Hot Pure Energy and the Grapefruit Citrus Tangerine Sentinel Energy, we have with all of these new products the highest and yet safest stimulant levels in this drink category, and the effect can be felt almost immediately. The Recon Coffee Cola and Sentinel Energy brand targets a more specific sporting and adventure market through its unique camouflaged can design.

Jump Innovations believes that the energy drink industry has lost sight of what every manufacture of a consumable product used to use a standard for bringing a product to market – good taste. While the majority of consumers “tolerate” the familiar profile of almost all energy drinks, Jump Innovations believes it is time to get back to basics, and the company tackles this with its offerings.

“The standard by which we designed our drinks comes from one of the oldest rules in manufacturing a competitive product – see what’s out there and make it better,” said Giacamo “Jack” Barreca, owner and formula designer for Jump Innovations. “The fact that the industry is overwhelmed by energy drink brands doesn’t intimidate my vision and company purpose. These are truly functional and great tasting beverages and the proof is in the product itself.”

Jump Innovations consulted with the country’s top flavor specialists, PhD’s and beverage manufacturers to accomplish the unique mix of ingredients and flavors found in its drinks. All four new energy drink brands are sugar free, calorie free and carbohydrate free, with the lowest comparable sodium content by volume of any energy drink made.

“The active ingredient that causes the stimulant effect in our beverages is different from the usual Guarana and Ginseng and questionable herbals that are so commonly found in the top brands,” Barreca stated.

Jump Innovations uses pure naturally occurring caffeine in its coffee cola. In the brands Hot and Sentinel, the company uses a well known thermogenic energy herbal active that is known as bitter orange extract and is commonly found in “over the counter” weight management products that cause an increase in metabolism, these ingredients along with Taurine and vitamins makes for a unique combination with incredible effect.

“This ingredient (Bitter Orange) has never been used in an energy drink and the technology that is used to mask these bitter actives is undeniably just as unique,” Barreca added. “Years of research and effort have finally rewarded the consumer with a truly clean and consumable beverage that has NOT compromised on flavor or effect.”

Both Hot Pure Energy and Jump Coffee Energy Cola are packaged in the unique 10.5 oz. SLEEK can manufactured by Rexam Beverage Can North America. Sentinel Energy and Recon Coffee Cola are sold in Rexam 12 oz. SLEEK cans. The drinks are priced comparably and the company is currently seeking distributors worldwide.

About Jump Innovations
With a tagline of “Four Brands,Unlimited Potential, Unbelievable Effect” Jump Innovations is headquartered in Westminster, CO. For more information, visit www.Jump-beverages.com or call 1-877-517-4397.