Function Drinks Launches Three New Functionalities to Boost your Immune System, Improve Your Mood, and Ignite Your Metabolism


@@img1Redondo Beach, CA – May 30, 2007 – Function Drinks announced today the launch of three new functional platforms to join their current line. The new beverages, named to reflect their distinct functionalities, include House Call, to boost your immune system; Vacation, to improve your mood; and Light Weight, a comprehensive strategy for weight loss: fat burn, carbohydrate block, and metabolism boost. Function will immediately introduce five new products to the market with Light Weight available in three different flavors.

“The most exciting part of our work at Function is to seek out the needs of our consumers and fill those needs by producing the most innovative and effective products on the market,” said Dr. Alex Hughes, President Function Drinks.

HOUSE CALL: To boost your immune system, House Call uses a combination of chrorella, beta glucan, NAC, and vitamins C and E. Chrorella is a green algae macronutrient that focuses your immune system on relevant threats. Beta glucan is a key macronutrient from oats shown to excite your innate immune system to help with day to day defense. NAC, and vitamins C & E are a powerful antioxidant group that refreshes your defense in the face of daily stressors.
Flavor: Honey Green Tea

VACATION: The combination of 5-HTP, L-theanine, zinc, and magnesium will elevate your mood and help you de-stress. 5-HTP, a plant derived amino acid, is proven to improve your mood. L-theanine is a green tea catechin that reduces both mental and physical anxiety while improving task concentration without drowsiness or fatigue. Zinc and magnesium replenish healthy levels of mental sharpness.
Flavor: Pacific Coconut

LIGHT WEIGHT: The unique combination of EGCG, gymnema, and resveratrol helps to block carbohydrates and burn fat like no other product on the market. EGCG is a green tea extract proven to increase calories burned per hour. Gymnema, a plant extract, helps to block sugar and carbohydrate absorption. Resrveratrol, a red wine extract and key component of the Mediterranean diet, boosts your metabolism and increases calorie burn. Light Weight is available in three flavors: Dragonfruit, Pink Grapefruit, and Acai Pom.

About the company:
In 2004 during his surgical training, Dr. Alex Hughes discovered that with the right technical capabilities he could incorporate powerful all natural ingredients used everyday in hospitals into drinks with extraordinary functionality. He set out to create a drink line that represents a marriage between mainstream clinical science and beverages.

Today, each beverage in the Function line is a piece of intellectual property, and each formula has multiple patents applied or patents pending. The innovation and ambition of the company secures Function’s place at the vanguard of functional beverages. As consumers turn to products with proven relevant functionality, this category has outpaced all others in the beverage industry. Function Drinks is both defining the category and leading the way.

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