North Carolina Dixie Distributing Officially Joined the Potencia Team


@@img1 MOORESVILLE, North Carolina (December 3, 2007) – – DLR Associates, Inc. and its POTENCIA Energy Drink Brand proudly announced today that another, yes another North Carolina distributor; Dixie Distributing of Hilderbran, North Carolina has officially joined the POTENICA team. 

Dixie will start offering and rolling out Potencia to its 350 plus C stores located around Central and Western North Carolina immediately. Dixie Distributing who currently has a great selection of products is extremely optimistic about the possibilities. “With North Carolina having over a 700% increase in the Hispanic population over the last 10 years it’s a natural fit for our convenience stores,” says Rick Foster owner of Dixie Distributing.   
What a last few weeks it has been,” states POTENCIA Energy Drinks CEO Daisy Ramirez. With A-B distributor Hartford Distributors in Hartford Connecticut, Pepsi of Central Virginia, 7-up Virginia Beach Beverages, Promesa Distributors & Dixie Distributing in North Carolina, what else can an up-start business ask for?”
“When you have a fantastic authentic product like POTENCIA things just seem to fall in place quickly,” states Vice President of Business Development Brian Weber. “With a trip to New York & New Jersey this week and a trip to California the following week it certainly is going to make for a very happy Holiday season for everyone who shared our vision for POTENCIA Energy Drink.”
POTENCIA Energy Drink is a new Latin Tamarind flavored beverage. POTENCIA is made with real fruit pulp concentrate that is imported from Mexico and Central America but recognized by Latinos from all corners of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.