ew York Coffee Company Engages Creative Marketing Concepts for National Representation in Convenience Store Market

New York, N.Y. – December 4, 2007 – New York Coffee Company has entered into a relationship with Creative Marketing Concepts for national representation into the convenience store market.  New York Coffee Company has taken a unique health and nutrition approach to challenge the biggest names in refrigerated, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverages with the introduction of Iced ‘Spresso (www.icedspresso.com), the first product in the category with no sugar added and the lowest calorie count. 
“The selection of a national broker partner is a pivotal decision for us,” said Keith Chamish, president of New York Coffee Company.  “We chose Creative Marketing Concepts based on their experience and proven record of success with a wide range of products in the convenience store market.  We look forward to a very productive and long-term partnership with them.”
Creative Marketing Concepts will serve as the national master broker for Iced ‘Spresso for convenience retailing, utilizing their extensive network of field brokers to present and sell the line into both retailers and distributors at the local, regional and national levels.  Iced ‘Spresso marks a re-entry into the beverage category for Creative Marketing Concepts and was one of two featured new products in the Creative Marketing Concepts exhibit at the recent National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in Atlanta.
“The Iced ‘Spresso line is unique in its attributes as a low-calorie, low-carb option to the limited iced coffee offerings available in most c-stores right now,” said Mike Macauley, president of Creative Marketing Concepts.  “The packaging is excellent. The flavors are distinct. People are looking for healthier alternatives in c-stores, and Iced ‘Spresso fits that bill.”
New York Coffee Company is currently the only coffee drink provider whose product development has focused primarily on health while retaining a satisfying coffee experience.  Iced ‘Spresso ultra light latte has been shown in independent studies to be healthier than competing products based on caloric content while receiving high marks in customer satisfaction surveys.  It is designed to offer a full-bodied, low-calorie "indulgence without the guilt" latte alternative to the sugar-laden, higher calorie offerings from the dominant companies in the iced coffee arena.
“Consumers now regard these beverages as stand-alone drinks or as snack beverages, thus creating a new category unto itself.  A segment that didn’t really exist just a few years ago has quickly become the target of some of the industry’s largest players,” Chamish noted.  “The key for retailers will be to offer innovative drinks that meet coffee consumers’ demanding taste and lifestyles.  Iced ‘Spresso adds a health dimension to that equation.”
Iced ‘Spresso is currently available online at www.icedspresso.com/shop and at retail outlets including Foodtown, Shoprite and 7-Eleven stores on the East Coast.  The growth of Iced ‘Spresso recently achieved two important milestones, surpassing 3,000 points of sale with distribution throughout the Eastern Seaboard.  The company is also implementing a network of branded Iced ‘Spresso vending machines.
About New York Coffee Company
New York Coffee Company is headquartered in New York City and is the first company to offer a refrigerated, ready-to-drink coffee latte with fewer than 100 calories per 9.5-oz serving.  The Iced ‘Spresso line includes Ultra Lite Espresso Latte, Caramel Dulce De Leche, American Vanilla and Mocha Mudslide.  The company has secured sales through numerous regional and national supermarket and convenience store chains including Foodtown, Shoprite and 7-Eleven.  For nutritional and other information as well as product photos, visit www.icedspresso.com.  Samples and additional data are available upon request.