New Energy Shot Offers Sexy, Fun and Flavorful Alternative for Retailers


INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new offering in the exploding energy product market is providing a
fresh option for retailers looking to cash in on this profitable,
growing consumer base.

Shots, one of the newest products from Indianapolis-based DMD
Pharmaceuticals, launched its line-up of intense flavors and
formulations in spring 2008, positioning itself as the powerful,
flavorful, sexy and fun
energy product of
choice among consumers between 18-35 years of age.

In 2006, the energy drink category grew 44
percent in U.S. groceries. And U.S. retail sales of energy drinks in
2007 totaled close to $3 billion dollars,
said Dave Dickey, president of DMD. The iron
is hot when it comes to this market, and were
ready to prove to retailers and consumers that PEPTIME®
stands out from the rest of the products in this category.

Retailers will appreciate the products small
size, which equates to less stocking expense, a small retail footprint
and merchandising catered to self-serve impulse purchases. In addition,
Shots require no refrigeration, and have no regulatory limits.

PEPTIME® Energy has
also been well positioned by DMD Pharmaceuticals through national
advertising, resulting in a product that is not only popular with
shoppers, but profitable for retailers. Ads promoting individual brands
have been featured in 16 major magazines with national distribution,
including Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Soap Opera Digest and
Soap Opera Weekly, Exercise for Men Only, Mens
Exercise, Complete Woman, Exercise & Health, Jane and Maximum Fitness
And, the more than 20 million media impressions garnered in the fourth
quarter of 2007 alone mean that core energy product buyers are already
aware and in search of this leading brand.

Grassroots marketing and direct promotion will also be harnessed to hype
Girls a team of young product
representatives that embody the sexy and fun PEPTIME®
brand will continue to generate buzz about
the new product line during summer 2008, with nationwide appearances and
sampling events hosted at bars, concerts and other exciting venues.

Exciting point-of-sale merchandising is available to help retailers
capitalize on PEPTIME®.
Visual displays such as aisle-toppers, high-resolution product signage
and a wide variety of proven countertop dispensers will grab the
attention of customers and help quickly convert consumer interest into

convenient two-ounce energy shot promises a rapid-release kick of
pharmaceutical grade caffeine with Vitamin
B complex booster, taurine, and niacin all
without sugar to help avoid that crashing
feeling provided by similar energy drink products.

The ingredients in our new energy shots are
the same proven energy-boosting components found in other popular energy
drink brands, said Dave Riddle, Compliance
Officer. The difference here is the exciting
look and feel of the product, and the value and convenience it provides
to retailers.

And unlike other energy shots, it tastes good, too. Flavors such as
Tropical Orange, Cosmo Berry and Island Lemon Lime allow consumers to
further personalize their energizing experience and to avoid the
unpleasant, medicinal aftertaste associated with similar products.

For more information about energy drink energy shots and a complete line
of over-the-counter supplements
from DMD Pharmaceuticals, please visit
or call 800.795.2477.

DMD is one of the leading marketers of over-the-counter
pharmaceuticals and dietary
with distribution in more than 50,000 convenience stores
nationwide. The PEPTIME
family of energizers and other leading DMD dietary supplement brands
include TRIM-U
High Energy, Ultra EPHRINE Plus
Magnum 357, and Ginseng Vita Blitz