Two new varieties to be added to achievONE line

, BevNET Staff Writer

Skylarhaley plans to add two decaf variants to its achievONE protein-heavy RTD coffee line this September, according to Peter Vermeulen, the company’s executive vice president and general manager.

The two new varieties will be completely new flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Vermeulen said the company chose to add two completely new flavors for their decaf variety to avoid diluting the core brand.

The company also plans to repackage the line in Tetra Pak containers, Vermeulen said, to make the brand more environmentally friendly. Currently, SkylarHaley ships achievONE in heavy glass containers. Vermeulen said the new containers will be lighter and therefore burn less gas. They will also be partially recyclable, he said, and is company “looking into working with Tetra Pak” to make the containers 100 percent recyclable.