Function Drinks launches two flavor extensions


Redondo Beach, CA – May 1, 2008 – Function Drinks is pleased to announce that the functionalities of their products, Function: Urban Detox and Function: Light Weight, will now be available in additional flavors. The flavor extensions of both functional platforms are the first new products the Southern California brand has launched this year. The new additions to the Function line are a Function: Urban Detox, Goji Berry and Function: Light Weight, Blueberry Raspberry.

Function: Urban Detox, Goji Berry blends the popular, antioxidant rich Himalayan fruit with the powerful formula of Urban Detox to help cleanse the lungs and sinuses of airborne pollution and addresses hangover physiology. Function: Urban Detox features a combination of prickly pear extract and the super-antioxidant, N-acetyl cysteine, to remove toxins from your liver and evict free radicals from your lungs and sinuses.

Function: Light Weight, Blueberry Raspberry is a new and refreshing addition to the Light Weight line up. Function: Light Weight employs a powerhouse formula consisting of the red wine extract, resveratrol and the green tea extract, EGCG to increase calories burned per hour and promote lean body mass as well as gymnema extract to support balanced insulin levels and carbohydrate control.

About the company:

In 2004 during his surgical training, Dr. Alex Hughes discovered that with the right technical capabilities he could incorporate powerful all natural ingredients used everyday in hospitals into drinks with extraordinary functionality. Alex partnered with his longtime friends, Dayton Miller and Josh Simon, to create a drink line that represents a marriage between mainstream clinical
science and beverages.

Today, each beverage in the Function line is a piece of intellectual property, and each formula has multiple patents applied or patents pending. The innovation and ambition of the company secures Function’s place at the vanguard of functional beverages. As consumers turn to products with proven relevant functionality, this category has outpaced all others in the beverage industry. Function Drinks is both defining the category and leading the way.

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