New Energy Drink Jolts New York City

NEW YORK, May 27 /PRNewswire/ — Fyxx Hybrid Energy Drink is now being sold at stores throughout the metro New York and northern New Jersey areas. This innovative new beverage is not yesterday’s old, tired energy booster. It’s a fusion of sparkling clean Ohio spring water and caffeine from all-natural coffee beans. Unlike what’s currently on the market, Fyxx Hybrid doesn’t have any artificial colors, sweeteners or stabilizers. This translates into zero carbs and zero calories for the weight-conscious consumer.

Fyxx Hybrid is perfect for every aspect of life. It’s great for new moms juggling a hectic schedule, college kids handling all-night study sessions, and gym rats needing an extra boost. There’s no serious crashing afterwards thanks to Fyxx Hybrid being sugar-free. It also hydrates the way nature intended. It’s all “kick” — that’s it.

Right now the drink is being sold in the NYC metro area, including northern New Jersey. Interested consumers can also pick it up at .