Attitude Drinks Incorporated Announces Partnership with Nutraceutical Discoveries, Inc. to Create Metabolic Dairy Beverage

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Attitude Drinks Incorporated (OTC Bulletin Board: ATTD), an innovative beverage, brand development and marketing company, announced today a partnership with Nutraceutical Discoveries, Inc., creator of Innutria(TM), to develop and introduce a cutting edge, functional dairy beverage with enhanced metabolic effects. This license agreement became effective August 19, 2008.

After many years of thorough, scientific study and clinical validation, Innutria(TM), a specific blend of naturally occurring ingredients, has been found to deliver powerful metabolic health benefits. “Partnering with Attitude Drinks Incorporated to develop a functional dairy beverage is a perfect fit for Innutria(TM),” commented Dr. Michael Zemel, PHD, inventor of Innutria(TM) and Director of the University of Tennessee Nutrition Institute. “Milk is a great vehicle for Innutria(TM). It already has the high nutrient density and low calorie density which is so important for healthy weight management. When you combine these with Innutria(TM), you have a knockout punch,” added Dr. Zemel.

Roy Warren, CEO of Attitude Drinks said, “During the last 11 years, I have monitored scientific developments relating to dairy and milk products with a view toward functional beverage development. Dr. Zemel’s work came to my attention when he first released his book ‘The Calcium Key’, and I became convinced he was leading an exciting trend relating to dairy calcium and metabolic health. Attitude Drinks, with our focus on functional branded beverages, is honored to partner with NDI and Dr. Zemel in launching this ‘game changing’ functional milk drink featuring Innutria(TM). This may be the most advanced functional drink ever introduced in the dairy sector!”

“Attitude brings everything we are looking for in a partner. They have a very strong management team with a proven track record in building a brand and successfully penetrating a beverage category,” said NDI President, Curtis Jones. “The management team has always been an innovator in dairy and has made it clear to us their commitment to bring healthy beverages to consumers. We are very excited to form this new partnership with a company that shares our vision,” stated Mr. Jones.

About Nutraceutical Discoveries, Inc.

Nutraceutical Discoveries, Inc., based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a licensee of the University of Tennessee Research Foundation with exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize technologies developed at The University of Tennessee. NDI’s mission is to discover anti-obesity and metabolic health activity in food compounds, develop new intellectual property (IP) from those discoveries and create products with anti-obesity and metabolic health properties for multiple targeted demographics.

About Attitude Drinks Incorporated

Attitude Drinks Incorporated is an innovative beverage, brand development and marketing company focused on introducing nutritional, functional and experiential beverages nationwide. The company is developing a line of uniquely fortified and formulated functional beverages that offer consumers, retailers and distributors numerous advantages over traditional soft drinks

and non-carbonated beverage brands. Attitude’s first commercial brand, Vis Viva(TM) ‘Living Force Energy’, is an experiential drink featuring IQZOL(TM), a proprietary complex delivering a feeling of increased focus and enhanced clarity with no jitters and no crash. For more information on the company, visit