Totally Organica Beverages Names Olympic Medalist, Deena Kastor, Its Official Promoter

Las Vegas, NV – February 9, 2009 – As a world-record-holding long-distance runner and an Olympic marathon bronze medalist, Deena Kastor knows the importance of staying hydrated. That’s why she’s pleased to have been named the official supporter of Organica Beverages, Inc. A line of artesian spring water that is organically infused with natural flavors, Totally Organica beverages are available in eight fruity and refreshing flavors: lemon lime, cranberry, berry, green apple, raspberry, pomegranate, melon and mint. Certified organic by the USDA, Organica Beverages’ sparkling waters contain zero sugars, carbs, calories and artificial flavorings. As such, they provide the same all-natural re-hydrating benefits of plain old water with an added burst of flavor. Long-distance runners who would like to infuse their hydration with flavorful taste can check out the full line of Organica Beverages’ certified organic sparkling waters online at

According to “Runner’s World,” marathoners should “drink every 15 to 20 minutes while running a marathon. ([They should consume] sixteen ounces of fluid for every pound they lose [during a practice run while training for such a grueling competition].)” As the 2004 Athens Olympic Games’ bronze medalist in the marathon event and the American record holder of the same, the newly designated Organica Beverages’ promoter, Deena Kastor, has run a marathon in just under two hours and 20 minutes. That means, even at her record-setting pace, she’d need to re-hydrate seven to 10 times over the course of a competition.

Even an Olympic-caliber long-distance runner like Kastor knows all too well the consequences of dehydration. Although she went on to capture the bronze medal in the marathon, during the 2004 Olympic Trials for the event, she suffered from improper fluid balance. That’s why she’s so vigilant about maintaining proper fluid levels before, during and after a competition.

“By the time someone feels thirsty, she’s already dehydrated. As an athlete, I value the importance of hydration throughout the day,” Kastor explains. “I put a lot of emphasis on eating high-quality foods, and I put those same standards into what I am drinking. Totally Organica meets my exacting standards. To drink a gallon of water throughout the day can be boring. I choose Totally Organica for a refreshing, delicious drink after workouts and to compliment a meal.”

Hydration, however, isn’t the only reason Kastor endorses Totally Organica beverages. She’s also come up with some creative uses for the artesian flavored waters. “I served Totally Organica cranberry-flavored water over the holidays and it was a huge hit. People really appreciated having a delicious, calorie-free drink to indulge in. For Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m opting for the raspberry flavor, which will surely go well with any chocolate dessert.” Try “putting it in a champagne glass with a couple fresh raspberries in the bottom for a beautiful presentation,” she recommends. “I have had fun buying new flavors and my favorites continue to change.”

Long-distance runners who would like to keep hydrated throughout the day so they can set their own marathon records can learn more about Organica Beverages’ sugar-, carb- and calorie-free USDA-certified organic sparkling water online at Interested media may arrange a meeting with company management by calling (512) 514-6047.

About Organica Beverages, Inc.
Organica Beverages, Inc. is the manufacturer of the first flavored sparkling water to be certified as organic by the USDA. The company starts with pristine artesian water that flows from a spring directly into its plant in the Au Sable National Forest near the U.S. and Canadian border. Every one of Organica Beverages’ eight refreshing sparkling water flavors is produced from organic essences, without any sugar or artificial flavorings added.