Function Drinks Launches Function: Light Weight Peach Mango, And Function: Alternative Energy Strawberry Guava


Redondo Beach, CA – March 18, 2009 – Function Drinks is pleased to announce the expansion of its popular Functional platforms – adding a Strawberry Guava flavored Function: Alternative Energy and Peach Mango flavored Function: Light Weight to its lineup of physician-created beverages.

“Given that our customers enjoy the benefits of Function: Light Weight and Function: Alternative Energy throughout their entire day, we wanted to give consumers additional flavor options of these platforms,” said Function Drinks’ Co-founder & CEO, Dayton Miller. “These new flavors are delicious additions to the Function lineup and we are excited for these products to be in the market.”

“These product platforms continue to represent the forefront of beverage science – taking cutting edge ingredients and incorporating them into some of the best tasting beverages available to customers today,” said Dr. Alex Hughes, Co-founder & President of Function Drinks.

Function: Alternative Energy, Strawberry Guava, is an all-natural, non-carbonated, time-release energy drink that works to support your body for 6-8 hours. The proprietary blend of catuaba, yerba mate, guarana, and muira puma as well as B complex vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc deliver a smooth and sustained energy boost. The existing Tangerine Yuzu flavor of the Alternative Energy platform will remain in the market.

Function: Light Weight, Peach Mango employs a powerhouse formula consisting of resveratrol and the green tea extract, EGCG to rev up and support your body’s natural calorie burning abilities, as well as gymnema extract ,which supports your body in naturally curbing sugar cravings and helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism and control. In addition to Peach Mango, three other flavors of the Light Weight platform are currently on the market-Acai Pomegranate, Blueberry Raspberry, and Pink Grapefruit.
Function: Light Weight, Peach Mango and Function: Alternative Energy, Strawberry Guava will be available in stores across the country on April 1st.

About the company:
In 2004 during his surgical training, Dr. Alex Hughes discovered that with the right technical capabilities he could incorporate powerful all natural ingredients used everyday in hospitals into drinks with extraordinary functionality. Alex partnered with his longtime friends, Dayton Miller and Josh Simon, to create a drink line that represents a marriage between mainstream clinical science and beverages.
Today, each functional platform in the Function Drinks line is a piece of intellectual property, and each formula has multiple patents applied or patents pending. The innovation and ambition of the company secures Function’s place at the vanguard of functional beverages. As consumers turn to products with proven relevant functionality, this category has outpaced all others in the beverage industry. Function Drinks is both defining the category and leading the way.
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