Are you on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn?

Do you or your company use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn?  If so, has several social networking options that might be of use to you.  You’ll be able to network with industry professionals and grow your company’s presence on today’s most popular social networking sites:

  • Follow @BevNETcom on Twitter
    We’re tweeting news alerts, new product announcements, product reviews, and industry stats.
  • Join our LinkedIn Group
    With over 300 members, this is a great place to network with other industry professionals and engage in industry discussion.
  • New feature: Link from your product review to Facebook
    On every product review page, there’s an option to link to your company’s Facebook group.  This will help boost members to your facebook group and drive awareness to your brand.  Simply click the “Edit” link and submit the URL and name of your Facebook group.

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