Red Bull statement on coca concerns in Asia

It would have been absolutely impossible for Asian (or any other) authorities to have found traces of cocaine in Red Bull Energy Drink.

These authorities picked up concerns in Germany about an entirely different product that is not even available in any Asian market – Red Bull Simply Cola (and not Red Bull Energy Drink).

Some German authorities had raised concerns regarding Red Bull Simply Cola due to the use of a de-cocainized coca leaf extract in that product. De-cocainized coca leaf extracts are used as flavoring in foodstuffs around the world and have long been considered to be safe. In addition, recent product analysis by an accredited Institute in Austria has confirmed that the leaf extract used in Red Bull Simply Cola is safe. Also the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) confirmed publicly that there is no risk to human health or other undesired pharmacological effects connected to the product.

Nevertheless we had the Asian product samples analyzed by an independent and accredited institute according to the most reliable and accurate methodology (HPLC/MS). Not surprisingly, the results show that Red Bull Energy Drink does not contain any cocaine.

Red Bull spokeswoman Patrice Radden added that her colleagues in Austria reported that Red Bull Energy Drink has not been banned or pulled from the shelves in Jordan.