Drenchers Increases Distribution in Texas

ORLANDO, FL – September 23, 2009 – NBI Juiceworks has joined forces with two of the leading distributors in Texas: Metroplex Organics, based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and Houston-based Bev Source. Both companies will be distributing Drenchers™ 100 percent all natural super juices, Fit ‘N Lean super juices and all natural Fit ‘N Lean Super Blends.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Metroplex Organics and Bev Source to help increase distribution of Drenchers™ in Texas,” said Chris New, founder, chairman and CEO of NBI Juiceworks, producers and distributors of Drenchers™ and Sun Shower™ brand products. “Both companies have developed exceptional relationships with stores in their respective areas and we know they will be great assets to our company as we continue to build awareness and sales of Drenchers™ in Texas.”

The Drenchers™ 100 percent super juice line is comprised of four single-minded nutritional benefit-driven flavors featuring Bodyguard™, a fortification package of essential vitamins and minerals.

Drenchers™ Fit ‘N Lean super juice beverages, also fortified with Bodyguard™, have only 10 calories per eight ounce serving and the same great taste and nutrition of Drenchers™ super juices but because they contain no preservatives or added sugars, they are ideal for those watching their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Also fortified with Bodyguard™, the four flavors of Drenchers™ all natural Fit ‘N Lean Super Blends are packed with protein and the powerful antioxidant vitamins A, E and Zinc, and are half the calories of other bottled coffee and tea drinks.

About NBI Juiceworks

NBI Juiceworks™ (New Beverage Insights Juiceworks™, LLLP), produces and distributes Drenchers™ and Sun Shower™ brand products. Using its exclusive (method of use patent pending) juice extracting and bottle filling process, NBI Juiceworks captures the full flavor, color, and nutrient value of fresh California-grown nectarines in its products. NBI Juiceworks was founded in Orlando, Fla. in 2005 and its executive team has over 150 years of combined management experience in the juice and beverage industry. For more information, visit www.nbijuiceworks.com.