C&M Distribution Group adds Purple Stuff and Red Stuff

Alabama C&M Distribution Group, Inc. of Alabama added the entire Funktional Beverages, Inc. line of Purple Stuff Healthy vitamin sodas and nutritional supplements , as well as Professional weight loss energy sports drinks and shots for direct store delivery to over 700 convenience stores in Alabama.

Co-Founders of Funktional Beverages, Darrell Duchesneau of Texas and Randy Traver of Utah, are confident in C&M Groups ability to build brands on the streets of Alabama. Both founders liked that the sales people are all in their 20”s and are big fans of the products.

Randy Traver commented:$0 $0″This is the generation that moves first to brands they know are healthier and cooler than the items that are established and stagnant. They wilkipedia and google and twitter each other about ingredients and taste and blog to all the world about the best brands they discover. Purple Stuff is one of those highly desirable brands.”

Darrell Duchesneau added that “buyers can”t say no to these young adults and entrepreneurs. The order takers that rep for some of the giant distributors in Alabama that C&M competes with are outgunned. I checked out 15 random stores in Alabama and they all had full multiple shelves of products delivered by C&M. When I asked what the slotting fees were on that; they all said the same thing along these lines… You are in Christine”s territory with C&M. We do not ask for slotting fees…. they can have all the shelf space they want… Christine brings us winning products and sends lots of friends from local schools to our stores…. but mostly it is Christine we want to see. She keeps our employees selling and active. You don”t want to disappoint with sales of her products. She could sell sand in the desert. And they are a reliable company…. good people.”

C&M CEO Marzon stated “We sent out Purple Stuff samples with five of our salespeople and all their accounts placed pre-orders. Every employee came back excited and drinking Purple Stuff. They all said the taste is phenomenal and that it was addicting and was better than any soda even from a fountain dispenser. I knew then this was going to be big, in fact… huge.”

C&M President Carmen Stevenson concurred and added that the employees; especially the women fell in love with Red Stuff. It tastes great, it”s not thick at all, and a few sips gets you wide awake and energized but all hunger is gone. I looked up the LuraLean and the human clinical trials proved that this is one amazing ingredient… a 100% natural vegetable fiber that expands after getting into the stomach so your hunger is satiated. And my heart did not race because the L-Theanine and Valerian root calm it down. And then the final fact that made me a convert was the calories…zero…that needs to be on the front of the label…. if the industry passes that proposed labeling law … Red Stuff can put on their bottle …(Does not apply).

Tim Lucas (Chief Marketing officer at Funktional Beverages) was asked to comment; but joked that “the new distributor said so many nice and true things about the product that anything I add in comparison might put me out of a job.” Tim then went back to his office in the main terminal of a Houston Airport, to work on social marketing for the new distributor. Welcome to the Funktional Family C&M !