Baobab Foods Delivers Baobab Superfruit to North America

Bellevue, WA  (March 18, 2011) – Baobab Foods is the first and only importer of premium baobab fruit powder from Afriplex of South Africa. The company exhibited its pure baobab fruit powder for beverage manufacturers at the recently concluded Natural Products Expo West.

Baobab’s nutritional value is unprecedented. The fruit has greater antioxidant capacity than acai and is a veritable cornucopia of vitamins and minerals – calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. The fruit also offers high levels of naturally occurring fiber, including 25% pectin.

“National Geographic already dubbed baobab ‘The Vitamin Tree’ and because of its amazing nutritional value, 2011 will be the year of baobab,” said David Bruck, CEO of Baobab Foods, Inc. “Our baobab is processed as a whole food – no heat extraction, freeze drying, pasteurization, or added sugar – so it’s perfect for the discriminating organic market.”

The company has also begun assembling its Board of Advisors with the appointment of Dr. Michael Murray. As a leader in natural medicine and author of more than 30 books, Dr. Murray will provide his expertise on the role of natural products, including superfruits, as important contributors to lifelong health.

Baobab Foods is the exclusive North American importer of baobab powder from Afriplex, the world’s premier supplier.  Baobab Foods owns the rights to sell baobab fruit powder to manufacturers of juices, sports drinks, teas and other beverages.

About Baobab Foods

Baobab Foods is dedicated to introducing the baobab superfruit to consumers in the United States and Canada. Baobab Foods is committed to improving the human condition and wellbeing of a global society by providing nutritionally advanced, baobab food products. Learn more at and Facebook, (800) 682-0221,