Be Whisked Away to Italy with Just One Sip of Italian Volcano 100% Organic Citrus Juices

(Santa Monica, CA) – 5th July 2011 – A recent study by Packaged Facts shows that the organic food and beverage industry will reach a whopping $78 billion in sales by 2015! This consumer based survey shows that nearly half of adult shoppers in the US choose to buy organic and natural products with a growing number actively seeking out these labels. One such beverage line that is mirroring this growth and has been showing a steady increase in sales since its creation in 2003 is Dream Foods ( super-premium, 100% organic and not-from-concentrate juice line, Italian Volcano®.

Dream Foods delicious and refreshing juices come in a variety of fresh-flavors and include their award-winning Italian Volcano® Blood Orange Juice, Tangerine Juice, Lemon Juice and most recent summer addition of an old-fashioned Lemonade and Limeade.

All of Italian Volcano’s® fresh juices are made purely from citrus fruit grown on family orchards nestled alongside the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy. The rich and fertile soil found on Mt. Etna’s slopes make these organic citrus orchards some of the best in the world.

To ensure the freshest flavor possible, hand-harvested fruits from these orchards are juiced immediately after they are picked. The juice is then flash-pasteurized which results in a fresh-squeezed flavor similar to the “Spremuta” traditionally found in Italian eateries. These juices are bottled in small batches in artisan factories in Sicily before making their journey across the Atlantic to the US.

The first of Dream Foods’ wildly popular juices to be introduced to the US market was the Italian Volcano® Blood Orange. Made in the traditional Italian manner of Succo di Arancia Rossa, this award winning juice has a delicious sweet flavor plus the added health benefits of being extremely high in vitamin C and carotene. Closely following Italian Volcano’s® successful Blood Orange Juice, Dream Foods introduced an organic fresh-squeezed Tangerine Juice and Lemon Juice.  The entire Italian Volcano® juice line is incredibly diverse and can be enjoyed as refreshing beverages and also as wonderful additions to an array of cocktail and food recipes.

Always striving to maintain an optimal level of quality for these products, Adriana Kahane, founder of Dream Foods travels to Sicily every year to better understand seasonal variations and to further develop the delicious juice line. Italian Volcano’s® Old-Fashioned Lemonade and Limeade are the most recent varieties to have joined their super-premium juice line. Inspired by drinks found in the kiosks in Sicily where they squeeze the fruit to order, this old-fashioned recipe uses a lot less sugar and has a refreshing citrus flavor unlike most of the other sweet lemonades on the market.

Dream Foods International is also the first company to introduce an organic version of the widely recognized lemon and lime squeeze bottles, Volcano Lemon Burst® and Volcano Lime Burst®. With a patented lid technology that captures the zest of the oil from the peel these Lemon and Lime Bursts are becoming widely recognized for their high-quality and fresh flavor.

Dream Foods has been a member of the NASFT since 2004 and their Italian Volcano® Blood Orange juice was awarded Silver for outstanding cold beverage at the Fancy Foods Show in 2008. Dream Foods returns once again to the summer Fancy Foods Show, the 10th – 12th of July in Washington, to showcase their refreshing, 100% organic juice line and introduce new varieties of delicious Old-Fashioned Lemonade and Limeade. Look out for the Dream Foods’ mouth-watering juices at booth # 1008, where they will also be serving a delectable “Dreamtini” between 3pm – 5pm on the first day of the show. Be sure to stop by and sample their delightful juice line and be transported to Italy with just one sip!

To set up an interview with Adriana Kahane or to find out more information about their hugely successful super-premium juice line please contact Leigh-Anne Anderson, Christie Communications, on 805.969.3744 or at