Haralambos Adds Brands, And a Chunk of California

Key Southern California beverage distributor Tony Haralambos has had a busy few weeks, adding several very new entrepreneurial brands to the Haralambos Beverage Co. portfolio. But he didn’t stop there, instead adding an entrepreneurial distributorship, as well.

Haralambos added new coffee fruit-based brands Bai and KonaRed, as well as high-end soda brand Thomas Kemper, which is in the midst of a gradual reformulation to an all-natural, lower-calorie product set.

But the distributor hasn’t just added brands — it purchased a stake in San Diego-based distribution partner 5 Star, with whom it has been working in recent months. Haralambos has had a footprint in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Orange and Riverside counties for years. 5 Star is a much newer house.

Going into Haralambos (and 5 Star as well) was part of a high-energy trip through Expo West for KonaRed, which uses the juice of the coffee fruit as its base. The company also added New Age Beverage in Colorado, another key independent distribution house, according to Cascadia Consulting’s Bill Sipper, who has been working with the brand for several weeks.