Avitae Caffeinated Water Names Michael Ward as Executive Vice President/Sales

Michael Ward Brings Over 19 Years of Beverage Industry Experience to Avitae

Columbus, Ohio – July 26, 2012Avitae Caffeinated Water announced retroactively that Michael Ward has been named Executive Vice President/Sales.  Ward brings 5 years of experience on the distributor side and 14 years of experience on the supplier side as a Beverage Industry Executive.  From 1999 to 2009, Michael Ward held positions at Jones Soda Co as Regional Manager, VP of Eastern Division, and Executive VP of Sales, helping to build the Jones Soda brand.  Upon leaving Jones Soda Co, Ward held the position of VP of Sales for a select number of Start-Up companies, as well as some short-term consulting assignments.

“Gaining a person of Mike Ward’s talent and industry experience is one thing; however, his actions, beliefs, and work ethic are another asset altogether,” said Brian Pitzer, AVITAE President and CEO.  It truly is something you rarely find.  The more I work with him, the more I grow to love his style.  On the outside, he’s cool, calm, and collected, but underneath all that, he’s as much of a fireball as I have ever worked with.  I could not be more thrilled by what he brings to the Avitae team!”

As businesses focus on offering healthier workplaces for their employees, innovative products such as AVITAE are important to add to the mix. AVITAE is composed of purified water and natural caffeine and tastes simply like water. The product has no sugar, carbonation, calories or artificial additives and is quickly becoming popular as Americans become more health conscious and search for alternative beverages.

AVITAE offers consumers purified water with two different strengths of caffeine;  ORIGINAL – 45 mg of natural caffeine, about the same amount of caffeine as a diet soda, and DOUBLE – 90 mg of natural caffeine, or about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

About AVITAE Caffeinated Water:

AVITAE Caffeinated Water is the world’s leading caffeinated water company and seeks to provide consumers a better alternative to less healthy caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. AVITAE vows to provide “the healthy hydration you want with the caffeine lift you need.”  AVITAE Caffeinated Water is currently offered in ORGININAL – 45 mg and DOUBLE – 90 mg caffeine amounts for all lifestyles, sold nationwide. More information is available at www.avitaeusa.com.