Roaring Lion Launches “Drink Your Vote” Campaign

August 28, 2012 – The Presidential Election season is officially upon us and the battle between the candidates is heating up! Acknowledging their civic responsibilities, Roaring Lion energy drink has decided to forego the usual mudslinging and jump into the fray as a bipartisan instigator within the backbone of America’s political discourse – local watering holes – with a campaign that will be running until Election Day in bars & nightclubs across the country, called “Drink Your Vote!”

Launching on 9/1/12, the promotion encourages patrons to actively participate in the democratic process and to show symbolic pledges of support to the candidate and/or political party of their choice by ordering & consuming one of two Roaring Lion cocktails. Whether fans choose the “O-Bomb-A” (Roaring Lion + herbal liqueur) or “Romney Bombme” (Roaring Lion + triple sec), bartenders will keep a tally of the ‘votes’ received at each respective establishment on a prominently displayed ‘Drink Your Vote’ scoreboard up until the big day (November 6). Fans are also encouraged to cast their vote online & find additional election-inspired cocktail recipes at A counter on the site will keep track of every vote submitted online from around the country until Tuesday, November 6th. Election-frenzied fans can then share drink ideas with friends through their social media accounts at

By stirring up the age-old political questions and (drunken?) debate process, Roaring Lion hopes to foster the political process, while helping to drive beverage sales at participating on-premise venues. As in any good election campaign, Roaring Lion encourages their constituents to ‘Vote Early & Often!’