Aquation Enters Multiple Natural Foods Retailers

NASHVILLE Aquation Brand Xylitol Water launched in early 2012 with a promise of creating a new category of oral care beverages harnessing the clinically proven benefits of tooth-friendly, non-GMO xylitol derived from American Birch trees. After placing in the finals of BevNet Live’s New Beverage Showdown last December, the brand has displayed increasing momentum with natural foods distributors and retailers in the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions. Expanding on its solid performance in Whole Foods Market’s South Region, Aquation announces a recent launch in multiple natural foods retailers, including Earth Fare, Earth Origins, Coborn’s, Woodman’s Market, Richard’s Foodporium and over 150 independents. This new retail placement has opened up 9 distribution centers, including 5 with UNFI, 3 with KeHE/Tree of Life and 1 with Garden Spot Distributors. 

Leveraging endorsements from high-profile dental professionals and partnerships with leading dental groups, Aquation is on a mission to change the way people think about what they drink and to educate consumers on the important roles hydration and oral health play in maximizing overall health and well-being. At the end of May, Aquation is sponsoring the San Diego Dental Practice Management Symposium and Technology Expo, where Aquation spokesman, Dr. Chris Kammer, will be delivering a lecture on oral systemic health and the role xylitol plays in achieving better health.  Aquation also partnered with Snodgrass-King Dental, a prestigious dental group in TN, to be the official water provider for their offices and patients.

About Aquation

Brilliant Water. Brighter Smile. AQUATION is pioneering and leading a new oral care category in the beverage industry by offering consumers a better tasting bottled water product that delivers oral health benefits backed by dental professionals. Aquation is available in over 350 retail locations in 17 States.