Cintron Boat Wins Atlantic City Grand Prix

The winning Cintron boat

Thousands arrived in Atlantic City, New Jersey this past weekend to watch one of the most exciting power boat races of the year. Testing took place on Saturday at the Golden Nugget marina with the race pits set up with just enough space to accommodate the impressive race boats and their support trailers. A booth at the edge of the pit area kept race crews and fans refreshed and alert by offering free samples of Cintron’s all natural beverages.

With a fresh set of motors stuffed into the 50’ Cintron Superboat, the boat was set up to dominate. Racing commenced on Sunday in two heats, dividing the boats into their respective classes with Cintron and its competitors battling in the latter race.

Rich Wyatt, driver of the Cintron boat explains, “We took the immediate lead and continued to put distance between the second place boat until we began experiencing a mechanical issue which forced us to fall in to second place. We re-gained the lead once Miss Geico developed their own mechanical problems. Even with an engine down on power we were able to stay in front of the rest of the fleet to win the race.”

The race not only excited Cintron fans, but also had the now energized residents of Atlantic City raving about the team.