Double Cola Takes Off with Road to Refresh

Chattanooga, TN –The Double Cola Company is thrilled to announce Road to Refresh, a two week, regional sampling tour for Double-Cola and Ski Citrus Soda. Road to Refresh will cover more than thirty scheduled events within six states. The tour takes off July 12 and ends July 27. Events will be held at supermarkets, convenience stores, and popular community spaces where the products are easy to find.

Road to Refresh was created by Double Cola to increase brand awareness and trial of the Double-Cola and Ski Citrus Soda brands in new and developing markets. With full support of participating distributors and retailers, the company aims to make a solid impact in each of the markets including northeast Tennessee, central Kentucky, western Kentucky, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, and St. Louis Metro. All parties have invested in Road to Refresh in some form, such as product, branded equipment, and custom promotional items.

The brands will be well represented on the tour by outgoing, passionate, experienced members from Double Cola and the Double Cola brand ambassador team. The tour will be promoted through in-store advertising, word of mouth, and social media in the least.  A branded vehicle will attract additional attention along the way.

“We are excited to make new fans in these areas, as well as interact with current brand enthusiasts. There’s no doubt we’ve got strong products. These markets just need more exposure and a taste of what we have to offer,” explains Megan Hallar, Double Cola Marketing Coordinator. “We expect the tour to not only boost Double-Cola and Ski brand awareness, but also improve store presence and increase sales as former sampling events have done.”

About Double Cola

The Double Cola Company is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Around the world, bottlers and distributors market Double Cola’s family of brands.