Halo Recovery Water Lands Distribution at Meijer Stores

Grand Rapids, Mich., August 27, 2013 – The world’s first anti-inflammation water is now available in Michigan! Meijer stores across the region began stocking Halo Recovery Water on its shelves last week.  Halo Recovery Water is the second product created by local West Michigan physician and nutrition innovation expert, Dr. Jeffery Hendricks.  His first creation, Rize Performance Drink hit Meijer shelves earlier this month.

Halo Recovery Water is also the second product that uses the “wonder-sugar” ingredient, Trehalose, which releases twice the energy of normal glucose.  Trehalose produces very little insulin surge and no “crash” as regular sugar does.  All natural ingredients make up this revolutionary product that took nearly five years of research and testing to create.

Dr. Jeffery Hendricks, a physician, nutrition innovation expert, and tri-athlete, created RIZE Performance Drink and Halo Recovery Water as a healthy alternative to so-called “energy drinks”.  These typical “energy drinks” offer no health benefits and have recently been linked to heart failure and even death nationwide.  RIZE and Halo are both 100% natural and are “clean” drinks – a term that quickly gaining traction among health-food advocates.

“The United States food supply is designed with one goal – to maximize profit,” says Dr. Jeff. “It’s big business, and they have no regard for nutritional content, nor the consequences to our nation’s health.  It has to change, and that’s why I invented RIZE and Halo.”

RIZE Performance and Halo Recovery Water are just the first in a long line of clean, natural performance products Dr. Jeff will be rolling out.  Dr. Jeff is available to talk via satellite or in studio to help you localize any national stories that deal with food, nutrition and health in America.  RIZE Performance drink and Halo Recovery Water are available online at rizeperformance.com and in all Meijer Stores in the health/supplement section.