Mercy Nutraceuticals, Inc. Announces New Distributor and New Flavor

October 1, 2013 — New York, NY — Mercy Nutraceuticals, Inc., a company which creates functional products with clinically proven results, is pleased to announce an agreement with Dolce Beverage Group to distribute Mercy in 14 states, including several in the Midwest.  The announcement coincides with launch of its newest flavor expression Mercy Blood Orange and marks giving it first mover advantage in the functional beverage space.

Dolce Beverage Group, a Chicago area importer of premium spirits, beer and non-alcoholic drinks, will not only distribute pure Mercy, the 8.4-ounce citrus-flavored drink that prevents hangovers with scientifically proven nutrients, but also Mercy Blood Orange, which enters the market as the second flavor from Mercy Nutraceuticals, Inc. The new expression uses organic certified Sicilian blood oranges and provides the same health and wellness benefits of the original citrus flavored beverage, as it is packed with the identical vitamins and amino acids to help fortify the body against damage caused by alcohol.  Both achievements indicate the upcoming growth that is in store for the company in 2013 and into 2014.

Currently Mercy is sold in select retail outlets in New York City, New Jersey and South Florida and the agreement with Dolce allows Mercy to expand its off-premise reach in New Jersey. Approximately 25 new distributors will be bringing Mercy to thousands of new retailers along the East Coast, the Midwest and as far west as Arizona and new markets in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, South Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas will be added.

“We’re excited about Mercy — a premium beverage that prevents hangovers — because it brings balance to our portfolio” said Scott Federighi, Dolce’s Chief Operating Officer. “We will be offering products that someone can drink at every point in the day.”

“Dolce is an ideal partner for Mercy as we continue to bring our product to new markets,” said Mercy CEO David Racicot. “This deal is merely the next stage in our expanding distribution of a product that consumers have come to rely on because it works.”

Mercy hit the market in 2011 after eight years of research and development and is now the recognized leader in hangover prevention thanks to its uniquely high level of functional ingredients. They work by boosting the body’s glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that eliminates toxins and keeps you healthy. Mercy can be consumed throughout the night and mixed with favorite spirits or taken as the last drink of the night.

It is sold at groceries, restaurants, hotels and bars in New York City, New Jersey, Florida and in additional select cities, including  San Francisco, San Jose, Napa, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Mercy is also available online at It retails for $14 for a four pack and $33 for a case of 12.