Vital Juice Debuts at Whole Foods in Seattle and Bellevue

SEATTLE — Vital Juice, a premium organic juice company, is debuting a line of juices representing a new way of looking at juicing. Every bottle is locally crafted using 100% organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables without added sugar, fillers, flavors, or pasteurization. Vital Juice is proud to reveal their delicious cold-pressed artisan juices, now available in the Whole Foods Markets located at 2210 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98121 and 888 116th Avenue NE,Bellevue, Washington.

Vital Juice is committed to providing the best tasting, fresh, cold-pressed juice that is safe, healthy, vegan, GMO-free and never heated. Vital Juice uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) to destroy any pathogens and deliver juice that is naturally safe to drink while preserving all of the crucial vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.  Nutrition has never been so delicious or convenient.

“As a Seattle-based juicery, we are thrilled to bring Vital Juice to our friends and neighbors,” said Ryan Longan, Vice President of Sales for Vital Juice. “The initial response from the community has been terrific and we look forward to expanding into new markets and making Vital Juice available nationwide very soon.”

All Vital Juice production takes place in Seattle – from sourcing the locally grown produce to hand-pressing each bottle of juice. The Vital Juice team sees the entire process through from raw ingredients to the perfected balance of flavors in each bottle. The nimble staff and their proprietary produce management systems as well as patent-pending juicing equipment allow them to produce fresh, convenient juice options for the public without sacrificing quality or consistency.

“While there are a lot of juices available today, Vital Juice is really something different, something never seen before,” addedEdward Balassanian, Founder & CEO of Be Labs, the parent company of Vital Juice. “We aim to be the brand that brings to light the need for a better choice for those who seek safe, fresh and healthy juice.”

Vital Juice offers 12 deliciously unique and seasonal flavors including Vital Beet, Vital Greens, Vital Citrus and Vital Melon. In addition, colorful combinations like Vital Carrot with Almond and Vital Greens with Almond and are also available; blending fresh almond milk with vegetables for a creamier, protein-packed juice. Each Vital Juice is hand-crafted with locally-sourcedSeattle produce and ranges in price from $6.99 to $8.99.

About Vital Juice

Vital Juice is a Seattle-based, premium, artisan juice company committed to providing delicious and nutritious juices made from 100% organic produce. Vital Juice offers a colorful portfolio of cold-pressed juices that are safe, healthy, vegan, GMO-free and never heated. Vital Juice is proud to source its fresh produce and hand-press all of their juice in Seattle.

About Be Labs

Innovative. Smart. Experienced. Be Labs creates and operates disruptive businesses at the intersection of consumer, technology, and mass markets. Our team is comprised of creative thinkers, technologists and intellectual property experts. Based in Seattle, Washington with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Be Labs currently manages a diverse portfolio of companies including Strings, Vital Juice Co, Pom Pom, Electra, and Implicit Networks.