WAT-AAH! Continues Its Support of the ‘Drink Up’ Initiative with the Release of a New TV Commercial

“Drink WAT-AAH!” to be introduced at the star-studded “Songs For A Healthier America” album release event on Sept 30th in NYC. WAT-AAH! empowers kid fans to create its advertising and furthers its commitment to marketing health to kids.

New York, NY September 30, 2013 – WAT-AAH!, a premium brand of functional water for kids and teens, will once again use their connection with today’s youth to promote healthy hydration and the Drink Up initiative led by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and its Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama. WAT-AAH! introduces Atlanta based kid group and WAT-AAH! fans, Yung Day 1, and releases their first single and commercial, “Drink WAT-AAH!” (http://youtu.be/8iVG7U64wSo).

Yung Day 1, a young, fresh hip hop group based in Atlanta, made up of five siblings from ages 8 to 13 (Yung Suum, JDash, Mook Mook, QBeezy and Count Dollaz), first discovered WAT-AAH! while grocery shopping with their mother, Brandi Haulcy. They were immediately drawn to the brand, its colors, cartoon figure, and like average kids, pestered their mom to purchase the product. WAT-AAH! became their favorite drink and “Drink WAT-AAH!, WAT-AAH!” became a common phrase in their home. The group decided to compose a song, choreograph a dance and film a music video, with the hopes that it would reach their friends and other kids both inside and outside their own community.

The 60-second “Drink WAT-AAH!” commercial will be featured on Drink Up’s official site,http://www.youarewhatyoudrink.org, alongside PSAs from the First Lady Michelle Obama and Cristina Saralegui. Secondly, the commercial will be presented during the launch event today for Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) and PHA’s collaborative album, “Songs For A Healthier America”. WAT-AAH! is the presenting sponsor of the event and album, which features popular artists: Doug E. Fresh, Ariana Grande, Jordin Sparks, Ryan Beatty, Ashanti, Matisyahu, along with Dr. Oz and The Hip Hop Doc (Dr. Olajide Wiliams), as well as New York Knicks’ Iman Shumpert. Yung Day 1 will be in attendance as special guests and will be joining artists, speakers and over 800 NYC school children invited to the concert.

Recently, during the White House convening on “Food Marketing to Children,” the First Lady Michelle Obama urged industry leaders to use their expertise to advertise healthier foods and beverages to kids. She advocated for them to use the “magic of marketing and advertising” to promote fruits, vegetables, other nutritious foods, and water. She spoke about the “phenomenon known as pester power” which is, as she explained, when kids see food advertised they are significantly more likely to ask for it at the store. She wants to see this effect now occur for healthy foods and beverages.

Over the last five years, WAT-AAH! has witnessed the “pester power” of its products among kids and teens in both supermarket as well as schools and has experienced phenomenal sales growth nationwide. Its success is credited to its strategy, which empowers kids and allows for their active participation in the brand’s marketing efforts and refusing to pander to adult notions of what kids want.

“Drink WAT-AAH!” displays the company’s continued commitment to this strategy. The commercial, produced by Benjamin Barak and Sanctified Crack Gorilla, will air in various markets nationwide including, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, and Philadelphia. To reach children effectively, the commercial will be distributed through Channel One — a daily news program broadcasted in classrooms to millions of kids nationwide. This will also include a dedicated campaign launching Yung Day 1 on leading hip hop media and entertainment sites: Complex Magazine, In Flex We Trust, Thisis50, Global Grind, Blow Hip Hop T.V. and Hip Hop Weekly to name a few. In addition, a website featuring the commercial, photos and more about the artists can be viewed at http://www.yungdayone.com

To learn more about WAT-AAH! visit http://www.wat-aah.com