Zola Adds Coconut Water With Espresso

SAN FRANCISCO — Zola®, maker of the fastest growing Coconut Water and Açaí Juices in the United States, has expanded its product line to include Zola Coconut Water with Espresso. This newest innovation offers a combination of naturally hydrating Coconut Water revved up with real Espresso. Zola’s new Coconut Water with Espresso is smooth, delicious and refreshing, while also a lower calorie alternative to other ready-to-drink coffee drinks and coffee flavored Coconut Waters on the market.

The Coconut Water market is growing significantly, with over $153MM in sales (up 42% from last year) . In just over a year since entering the rapidly growing Coconut Water category in March 2012, Zola has become the number five brand in total dollar sales and is the fastest growing brand in Coconut Water in the U.S.

Zola’s newest addition, Coconut Water with Espresso, makes it easy to stay naturally hydrated and energized. Each can has 5 essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, and 125mg of caffeine – as much as you would find in a 2 oz. shot of espresso. “We’re thrilled to offer our latest innovation, Coconut Water with Espresso, to meet our customer’s demands,” said CEO of Zola, Chris Cuvelier. “We believe the tasty combination of naturally hydrating Coconut Water combined with the pick-me-up from Espresso, all delivered with only 75 calories per serving fills a big consumer need. It’s a delicious way to rehydrate, recharge, and recover.”

Zola Coconut Water with Espresso has a suggested retail price of $2.49 and is available nationwide through Amazon.com, Cost Plus World Market, Dominick’s, Stop N Shop, Gelson’s, Safeway and Vons.

About Zola

At Zola, we are fanatical about traveling the globe in search of the best ingredients. Our philosophy is to go directly to the source, and our promise is to produce only the best-tasting, most nutritious and authentic functional beverages. Zola is the maker of the fastest growing Açaí Juices and Coconut Water in the United States. Zola’s Coconut Water and Açaí Juices are now available at Lucky’s, Safeway, SaveMart, Dominick’s, ShopRite, Stop N Shop, Vons, Whole Foods, and online at Amazon.com.