Organic Gemini Hires JWALK

NEW YORK — Organic Gemini, the Brooklyn-based maker of healthful beverages and snacks, has selected JWALK ( as its advertising agency of record, Doug Jacob, JWALK co-founder and CEO, announced today.

Organic Gemini’s horchata is based on the horchata de chufa, a popular drink in Spain that features the Cyperus esculentus, also known in English as the Tiger Nut (which is not a nut but a root). Organic Gemini is an exclusive producer and distributor of bottled Tiger Nut Horchata beverages to the mass market in the U.S..

“Most American consumers have not had the opportunity to taste the sweet, almond-like flavor of the Tiger Nut. We are thrilled to be partnering with Organic Gemini to introduce these delicious, nutritious and innovative new products to the U.S. market,” said Mr. Jacob.

JWALK’s appointment comes without a review. Media spending is undisclosed.

JWALK will develop the integrated marketing plan for launch, brand strategy, naming and packaging design for the five flavors of Tiger Nut Horchata and for the raw Tiger Nuts. Organic Gemini’s products are scheduled to begin selling at Whole Foods markets in Spring 2014.

About Organic Gemini

You can always rely on Organic Gemini’s promise of purity – we’ve traveled the world and dug deep into the history books, science journals and the earth itself to be sure we deliver nothing but the best organic ingredients. Based in Brooklyn, the Organic Gemini team prides itself on bringing together whole foods, cultures and recipes from all over the world to create each of our unique products. Learn more at


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