OrganicaWorld Laboratories Launches 8 Hour Adaptogens

8houradaptogensORLANDO, Fla. — A new functional beverage line 8 Hour Adaptogens launched by OrganicaWorld Laboratories, LLC helps conquer stress while increasing overall well-being. Adaptogen herbs have long been known to help individuals aid with stress while increasing focus, energy, stamina, physical endurance, recovery from illness, as well as environmental defense against daily exposure to radiation.

In a fast paced society, individuals battle a variety of stresses on a daily basis. These stresses can catapult us into a downward spiral over time that even the best diet and energy drinks cannot overcome. Adaptogens can add a list of daily positive attributes to our lifestyles while even helping to provide a better night sleep.

The magical quality of adaptogenic herbs is that they truly work as metabolic regulators to balance and improve the entire body and well-being. Adaptogens have been used by ancient cultures for centuries, but are rapidly gaining recent acclaim in the Western world for their positive attributes.

Adaptogen herbs are natural substances found in nature. They are non-habit forming. Adaptogens can assist the body in combating the results of stress, helping to boost the immune system, access additional stamina, speed up recovery from physical activity, protect vital organs from stress, increase physical and mental work capacity, and inhibit free-radical oxidation.

The parent company of OrganicaWorld Laboratories, LLC is OrganicaWorld, LLC, which is one of the leading organic greenhouse growers of organic vegetables, herbs and nutraceuticals. OrganicaWorld’s capability to grow Adaptogen Super Herbs in their state of the art custom greenhouse facilities makes them the number one grower and supplier of adaptogen herbs and formulas worldwide. Working alongside researchers and professors at the University of Florida, their adaptogen herbs are known as the best in the industry. Learn more about the company and their mission at

Taking the proper formulation of adaptogens can help reverse the damage of stress and environmental toxic overload and, over a period of time, the body will begin to function properly and come into balance or homeostasis.

Drawing from traditional medicine, thousands of studies, and years of practice, OrganicaWorld Laboratories has created five exclusive adaptogenic blends:

    •      Atomic Tonic – Classic Tangerine – The most powerful blend of adaptogens.
    •      Adaptogenic Immune – Mora Berry-licious – Adaptogenic formulation with additional herbs for immune support.
    •     Adaptogenic Antioxidant – Apple Zing – Adaptogenic blend with specialized ingredients for fighting free radicals and protecting cells from aging.
    •     Adaptogenic Relax & Chill – Passion Fruit and Mango – Adaptogenic formula with calming herbs that support an elevated mood.
  •     Adaptogenic Energy – Grapeful – Adaptogenic blend with vitamins and extracts that support vitality providing energy at the cellular level.

All 8 Hour Adaptogens™ functional beverages contain a comprehensive adaptogenic herbal formula to create targeted results and are also designed to maximize your body’s ability to adapt to the harmful effects of stress.

In a society that deals with daily hassles, environmental contaminants, and poor dietary options, our bodies allocate a disproportionate amount of energy to managing these stresses resulting in sustained levels of increased cortisol. The negative effects of stress include fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness, insatiable appetite, anxiousness, inability to focus, reduced immunity, among many other physical and emotional impacts.

Take It On™ with 8 Hour Adpatogens™, and give yourself the opportunity to live a balanced life free of the harmful effects of stress. For more information visit