Reed’s Named First Sponsor of Imagine TV

Reed'sLOS ANGELES — IC Places, Inc. (OTCQB: PNCHD) announced it has signed on Reed’s, Inc. (NYSE MKT: REED), maker of the top-selling sodas in natural food stores nationwide as the first official launch sponsor of the new Imagine TV network.

Imagine TV is a Television Network which will Inspire, Motivate and Entertain its audience, built around the world’s most fascinating Motivators, Producers, Educators and Authors. Reed’s, which was founded in 1989 by Chris Reed, makes extraordinary beverages and confections using very old-fashioned, natural methods and wholesome, fresh ingredients.  The company was built by a growing family of passionate entrepreneurs who have developed incredible food and drink, which exceeds any products within their categories in taste, quality and imagination.

Reed’s constant search for excellence is a common thread amongst consumers of the $9.84 billion dollar Self-Improvement marketplace who will be the cornerstone of Imagine TV’s viewership, making Reed’s the perfect launch sponsor.

IC Places, Inc., which manages all Imagine TV assets, is currently building launch sponsors relationships for the network as well as bringing on board some of the top Motivators, Producers, Educators and Authors in the wide arena of Self-Improvement.

The Reason Behind the Creation of Imagine TV…

In the $9.84 Billion Self-Improvement Market, technology is driving the way people around the world produce, find, obtain and use self-improvement content. More content than ever is flooding the market place, as technology has made it possible for anyone to become an author, a coach, a producer or an innovator.  A great deal of extraordinary content is becoming lost in the noise as content offerings expand and crowd the marketplace.

The company felt there needed to be a singular, free of charge, multi-media accessible point where consumers can experience the best messages on the planet.  A place where people that are true fans and believers in the power of self-improvement content dig in and find the best of the best delivered to the consumer free of charge no matter where there they are.

Imagine TV lets people see and hear speakers, authors, trainers and motivators. It lets them decide for themselves if they like what they are seeing and if they want more.  Viewers get to experience this for free in their homes or on their smart phones, tablets or computers.  After experiencing the shows on Imagine TV – and if they like what they see and want more – Imagine TV gives them the ability to fulfill that desire right away via the website. At they can immediately purchase and download audios, videos and ebooks by the author or speaker they were just watching on Imagine TV.  Imagine TV is giving the buyers of this $9.84 billion dollar market place the best access to make the best decision on if they want more from these extraordinary experts.

No matter where you are, who you are or what starting platform you begin life from, you have a God given right to reach your dreams….  Imagine TV, in partnership with the world’s most fascinating Motivators, Educators and Authors, will deliver the inspiration, education and motivation to help you find your path to success.

Steven Samblis
Founder Imagine TV

About the Self-Help Industry

In a 2013 press release titled “$10.4 Billion Self-Improvement Market Survives Scandals & Recession – More Content & Services Being Delivered Online, Finds Marketdata Enterprises”  Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., a leading independent market research publisher since 1979, released the 9th edition of one of its best-selling studies, a 382-page report entitled: The U.S. Market For Self-Improvement Products & Services.

In the study it states…  “Technology is driving the way Americans produce, find, obtain and use self-improvement content.”

The study quotes…

MARKET VALUE… The total U.S. self-improvement market was worth $9.84 billion last year, versus $10.82 billion in 2007 — a 9.1% 4-year decline. We forecast better 6.1% average yearly gains from 2012 to 2016. The recession took a toll on most market segments, including live seminars, books, infomercials, personal coaching, commercial diet programs and stress management. However, growth was evident in audiobooks, medical diet programs and holistic institutes/training companies.

AUDIOBOOKS MARKET… This is now a $2.97 billion segment. After dipping 10% in 2009, sales have rebounded strongly, 10% in 2010 and 13% in 2011. The APA says that 24+ million Americans now listen to audiobooks. Of this total, self-improvement titles account for $445 million—or about 17% of all audio book sales. 24% of Americans now listen to audiobooks.

This is the industry Imagine TV lives in.  There is no other Self Help based TV network on cable or broadcast today.  Imagine TV is not a religious network but will feature content that Inspires, Motivates and Entertains.

About Reeds, Inc.

Long before modern soft drinks existed, people brewed their own beverages. In the Caribbean, home brewed ginger beverages are a part of life. Reed’s brews six carbonated ginger combinations using only the finest ingredients. The six flavors are: Original Ginger, Extra Ginger, Premium Ginger, Raspberry Ginger, Cherry Ginger and Spiced Apple.

These award winning, top selling beverages are found internationally in gourmet and natural food stores. Reed’s passion for ginger comes from its incredible flavor and health giving properties.

Reed’s love for ginger has expanded to creating some of the finest candy and ice creams ever. The ice cream flavors include Original Ginger, Chocolate Ginger, and Green Tea Ginger. So go to your local store and get a delicious dose of health giving ginger with Reed’s!

China Cola can be found at many natural health food stores or ask for it at your favorite store.

Reed’s, Inc. is a Publicly Traded Stock on NYSE under the symbol “REED”

Reed’s was started in 1989 by Chris Reed. His research into the history of sodas found soft drink recipes from before the beginning of the modern soft drinks industry…

He found that back in the early log cabin days, the pioneers couldn’t go to the store and buy soft drinks; they brewed their own sodas. They didn’t make them the way modern commercial soft drinks are made, even the so called natural ones. They brewed them in their kitchens, directly from roots, spices and fruits. These early soft drinks, besides being natural and delicious, were also healthy. Many folk used them as herbal tonics.

Each batch of Reed’s Ginger Brew is a throwback to these hand crafted brewed sodas and is made with pride. Each batch is carefully brewed and aged like fine wine in small batches by our expert brewmasters. We choose only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits to make our brews. We won’t let sugar, preservatives or artificial anything spoil Reed’s natural taste. We now have 7 versions of our famous Reed’s Ginger Brews, the first commercially brewed sodas in the world and winner of national and international gourmet food awards.

In 2000, Reed’s bought Virgil’s Root Beer, a three-time Outstanding Beverage Award winner of the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (the national organization for the gourmet food trade), from Ed Crowley another fanatic of real authentic brewed sodas. Since then we have expanded the Virgil’s line to include many other flavors.

In 2012, we started brewing Kombucha. Our special probiotic Kombucha culture is grown in a special tea blend brewed from yerba mate and oolong tea and spring water. Our creative Kombucha blends use ingredients that are uniquely flavorful and always functional.

Whatever they do, Reed’s always searches for the best ingredients and takes the time to brew a superior beverage. Reed’s customers appreciate their passion, care and attention to detail and their support has made Reed’s the top-selling beverage in the natural foods industry.

Other Imagine TV Partners

Imagine TV has formed a strategic partnership with Primeau Productions to help speakers in creating content for the Imagine TV Network. Primeau Productions is a provider of motivational and inspirational audio and video production for professional speakers and the meetings industry. Ed Primeau, the company founder, has personally worked with some of the great orators of our time: Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown.

Primeau Productions is currently working with The Napoleon Hill Foundation to restore 16 MM film to HD video of Napoleon Hill lectures from 1959.

Today, Primeau Productions works with the best of the best in the speaking industry. Professional speakers like Steve Rizzo, Floyd Wickman, Mark C Thompson, Walter Bond, Connie Podesta, Jordan Belfort and Mark Sanborn to name a few. Primeau Productions has worked with the speaking and training industry creating audio and video marketing, motivational and inspirational programming for 30 years.

For online streaming, Imagine TV has teamed up with an internet based television provider who is providing the online broadcast platform as well as the band width of the broadcast.  Filmon offer Imagine TV virtually limitless video-on-demand variety, and far more media options and channels possibilities than traditional media distribution outlets.

About IC Places, Inc.

IC Places, Inc. is a trans media entertainment complex that produces entertainment content for distribution across multiple mediums. The company trades on the OTCQB: Symbol PNCHD currently and will be changing its PNCH shortly. (

Through multiple long-term partnerships, clips and full episodes of the company’s shows are available to people outside the traditional set top box. This exposure serves as both a profit center and marketing component promoting the TV Network, its line up and the company’s new media specific programming across multiple platforms.