Zola to Release Coconut Water Lemonade

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Zola®, maker of top-selling Coconut Waters and Açaí Juices in the United States, has expanded its product line to include Coconut Water Lemonade, just in time for Expo West 2014. This newest flavor innovation combines naturally-hydrating Coconut Water with the refreshing flavor of lemonade for a taste that is a perfect balance of tart and sweet. And that’s not all! It’s also a lower-calorie, more functional alternative to traditional lemonades on the market with only 45 calories per serving.

By combining Zola’s popular Coconut Water with lemonade, Zola is taking hydration to new heights while tickling taste buds. Available in a vibrant yellow one-liter package, this beverage is filled with five essential electrolytes, including potassium, and delivers 100 percent DV of Vitamin C per serving in a delicious and convenient format. Zola Coconut Water Lemonade will be available nationwide starting May 2014.

“We are thrilled to introduce Zola Coconut Water Lemonade to our delicious line-up of Coconut Water beverages,” said CEO of Zola, Chris Cuvelier. “We know how important it is to stay hydrated and healthy in a natural way, and our new Zola Coconut Water Lemonade delivers the hydration consumers want with a unique and delicious taste. We are excited to continue our innovation in the Coconut Water category and see our latest flavor on the shelves of retailers soon.”

EXPO West 2014 attendees: Visit Zola at booth #2414 to experience this light-yet-zesty flavor for yourself!

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About Zola

At Zola, we are fanatical about traveling the globe in search of the best ingredients. Our philosophy is to go directly to the source, and our promise is to produce only the best-tasting, most nutritious and authentic functional beverages. Zola is the maker of top-selling Coconut Waters and Açaí Juices in the United States. Zola’s products are now available at grocery and natural food stores across the U.S. and Canada. For a complete store listing, please visit: http://zolaacai.com/store-locator. For more information about Zola, please visithttp://www.DrinkZola.com.