Odell Beckham Jr. Joins ROAR Beverages as Brand Ambassador

Huntington, N.Y. (August 25, 2015) – In time for the start of pro-football season, ROAR Beverages announced today its partnership with pro-football and social media sensation Odell Beckham Jr.  As part of the partnership Beckham Jr. will serve as ROAR’s national spokesperson and will be featured in the brand’s first-ever national advertising campaign, partnership marketing efforts, product development as well as social and digital programming.

In addition to serving as the brand’s national brand ambassador, Beckham Jr. has been collaborating with ROAR’s development team to create an all-natural revolutionary performance line of the popular sports drink. Beckham Jr.’s initial signature product – the eighth flavor in ROAR’s portfolio – will feature his name and likeness on its packaging and will be available for purchase during the first week of the regular season at select retail locations and via www.drinkroar.com.

“I am blessed to play an important role in a sports drink company whose mission is to provide healthier options for the next generation,” said Odell Beckham Jr. “Joining ROAR and having my insight valued has been a rewarding and hands-on experience, as we develop new products and campaigns together that will inspire today’s youth in a positive way.”

“Today marks the biggest day in the history of ROAR Beverages, Odell with his unique blend of style and charisma aligns perfectly with our vision that your beverage should be an extension of your personality,” said Roly Nesi, CEO of ROAR Beverages.  “Our partnership is rooted in authenticity, with Odell actively participating in every facet of the development of his product, a characteristic that is important to both his fans, and our customer base and sets ROAR apart from our competitors.”


An avid supporter of youth sports in America, Beckham Jr. will lend his hand in a number of national and regional youth sports programs that ROAR Beverages support across the country.  Fans can learn more about ROAR and get an inside look at Beckham Jr.’s new performance line at ROAR’s FacebookInstagramTwitter and at www.drinkroar.com.

“ROAR offers a healthy alternative to the sports drinks in today’s marketplace that is geared towards the next generation of sports drink enthusiasts,” added Roly Nesi, CEO of ROAR Beverages.  “When compared to past generations, today’s youth is much more socially active and conscious, placing greater consideration in choosing products or brands they engage with, weighing – amongst flavor and product benefits – the brand’s social responsibility and how overall its image fits into their lifestyle,”

About ROAR Performance

ROAR is the highest achievement in peak-performance coconut water-based sports drinks. With a powerful base of B-vitamins, potassium and minerals, ROAR is a healthy alternative to the sugary sports drinks currently available in the beverage category.  Crafted for fast assimilation and long-lasting energy, ROAR’s advanced hydration system helps to replenish the body and mind while sharpening focus and quickening muscular response.  Headquartered in Huntington, New York and manufactured at Lidestri Food in Pennsauken, NJ, ROAR is proudly made in the USA, with labor and all the product’s elements – from packaging, water and flavoring – sourced stateside.

ROAR Sports Drink is a coconut water-based isontic scientifically formulated as a naturally healthy alternative to the traditional sports drinks available to consumers today with 25% less sugar with NO artificial flavors, caffeine, preservatives, gluten, brominated vegetable oil (BVO).

ROAR is made in the USA and comes in soon to be eight flavors (with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr.’s new flavor) including; Fruit Slam (fruit punch), Green Rush (lemon-lime/cherry), Iced Out (blue raspberry), Orange Smash (orange citrus), Cotton Candy, Patriot Punch (rainbow italian ice) as well as a zero calorie option Zero Ice (blue raspberry).  In addition, as part of the Alliance for Healthier Generation program, the beverage company offers ROAR Lite a USDA Smart Snack approved (12 fl oz. at 60 calories per serving) version offered to high schools throughout the U.S. At the beginning of 2015 calendar school year, ROAR Lite will also be available in more than 1,500 high schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Arizona, Nebraska, Iowa and Texas.