Press Clips: LaCroix Gets a Glowing Review; Orange Juice Sales Hit Four-Year Low

b_20120509163934000000The LaCroix Chronicles

The New York Times Magazine contributor Mary H.K. Choi has published a glowing review of La Croix sparkling water. In her “Letter of Recommendation” Choi details how she came to love the seltzer brand, despite initial reservations stemming from the “cans’ hideousness.” She even credits LaCroix  for ”[filling] in the gaps that booze and pot left behind” after a recent decision to test out sobriety, though she does admit the drink “is not as exhilarating as taking ecstasy at Joshua Tree, blanked by a glittering velveteen sky…” Even so, it’s high praise for LaCroix, albeit seemingly out of nowhere.

Orange Juice Hits Four-Year-Low

Sales of orange juice in the United States hit a four-year low last month, dropping from 10 percent from the same four-week period a year prior. According a report from The Wall Street Journal citing Nielsen sales data, consumers bought 40.48 million gallons of orange juice in the four weeks ending February 14, down from 44.88 million in 2014.

Target’s New Tactics

The Wall Street Journal also recently reported on Target’s grocery business, which is placing an increased focus on catering to millennials as part of a greater company effort to differentiate itself from the offerings at Walmart. According to the Journal’s sources, the mass retailer is looking to carry more organic, natural and gluten-free foods, and move away from processed foods that are increasingly out of favor with younger consumers. The seven trendy categories that Target will be stocking up on, you ask? Yogurt and granola, coffee and tea, candy, snacks, beer and wine, meat and fruits and vegetables.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.56.04 PMBuffett’s Bad Habits

So it turns out Coca-Cola is coursing through Warren Buffett’s veins at all times. The 84-year-old billionaire recently told Fortune Magazine that he drinks “at least five 12-oz servings” of Coca-Cola everyday, making up roughly a quarter of his daily caloric intake. Buffett also happens to own $16 billion of Coca-Cola stock, so is it possible he’s chugging this stuff as some sort of mastermind plan to drive stock price? If so, Godspeed Warren.

Don’t Watch This Stupid Video

OK, get a load of this guy. Mixing mentos with Coca-Cola?! Classic stuff. But covering your body with Mentos and hopping into a 50-gallon bathtub filled to the brim with Coke? Now that’s truly wacky. Surely this gentleman will be going directly to the moon, but oh wait, no, nevermind. Instead we just have the most disappointing YouTube video of all time. Here’s to another minute 3.2 million people will never get back.