Sweet’tauk Partners with Gourmet Guru, Adds Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Distribution

unnamed-1MONTAUK, NY, 6, April 2015 — Sweet’tauk LLC announced today that they have finalized a partnership with Gourmet Guru, a well-respected natural and organic products distributor, to distribute their lemonades and to grow their brand throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Gourmet Guru’s CEO, Jeff Lichtenstein raved, “Sweet’tauk developed a loyal following in the Hamptons the last few years and we are happy to be bringing them to the NY/Metro area and beyond. Besides tasting great, Sweet’tauk’s HPP lemonade has half the sugar of other lemonades and even less than many cleanse drinks. It’s a healthy game-changer for the category and represents all that we stand for by way of innovation and personifying our mission statement of helping to make the world a better place to eat, naturally!”

Sweet’tauk was launched by Deborah Aiza in 2012 in Montauk NY. After a summer in farmer’s markets and events, Deborah opened Sweet’tauk’s shop in Montauk, got HACCP certified and began self-distributing to the leading specialty markets throughout the Hamptons. “Being a seasonal business is fun, but our customers and especially their children want lemonade all year round, so I am thrilled to be growing.”

Sweet’tauk lemonade is a first-to-market fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed HPP lemonade. Selecting from the wide variety of flavors produced in its seasonal Montauk shop, Sweet’tauk will start distributing the flagship “oh my meyer”, made with meyer lemons, “mermaid” pink lemonade made with hibiscus, “strawberry mint” and “zingy ginger.” Sweet’tauk will also package oh my meyer and mermaid pink lemonade in its “Groms” size 8oz bottles. (“Groms” is surfer slang for a young skilled surfer/ skateboarder.)

“Sweet’tauk came out of my living in Montauk. The beach and lemonade just go together” Aiza says “and Sweet’tauk can be enjoyed by the entire family, from kids to grandparents. Everyone loves lemonade. And speaking of the whole family – Sweet’tauk makes a great mixer.” Deborah adds smiling.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this announcement,” says the company owner Deborah Aiza, “We have a lot of interest in Sweet’tauk in New York City and the surrounding area and we really needed a strong partner like Gourmet Guru to help us… it is a team effort.” Lichtenstein added, “We’re proud to offer our customers first to market unique and exceptional products along with the right support to build consumer awareness as we did when we launched other key categories in the United States like Greek yogurt, natural deli and HPP cold pressed Juice. Now we are following that with HPP lemonade.”

About Sweet’tauk 

Sweet’tauk is dedicated to making the greatest tasting, healthiest lemonades while sourcing, producing, and distributing its product in a manner consistent with a Quadruple Bottom Line business model. For more information about Sweet’tauk, visithttp://www.sweettauk.com or email info@sweettauk.com.

About Gourmet Guru 

Gourmet Guru is a leading all natural and organic distributor. They service the entire northeast corridor with a focus on Tri-state NY, Philly, DC and Boston.

Headquartered in a LEED-certified distribution center, they partner with wholesome food retailers and restaurants since 1996 with a focus on innovation and full service support. Gourmet Guru acts as an incubator for family produced and locally grown food and drink brands, providing the marketing savvy and logistics know-how to turn little known producers into household names.

The company was recognized by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a Small Business of the Year winner, a celebration of their contribution to sustainability, nutrition, and employment. “We enjoy bringing farm to table products like Sweet’tauk to market, to help get the word out about the benefits of incredible local, natural and organic products that have global opportunities to build awareness about healthy options for our Guru constituents and the community around us,” Lichtenstein said.

To find out more about Gourmet Guru, visit http://www.GourmetGuru.com or call Gourmet Guru at 718-842-2828.