Chuice Unveils Brand Revamp and New 8 oz. Bottle

Atlanta-­based Chuice is Helping to Evolve the Convenient Health Food MovementAtlanta, GA (June 6, 2016) –­­ The original chewable juice has a new look and big plans to shake up the health food sector (literally). Handmade in Atlanta with 35 fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs and packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, the magic recipe remains the same, but buyers will notice a fresh makeover, brand new bottle (including an 8­ounce serving), and new tagline to sum up the company’s mission: Fuel better.

“This has been extremely exciting for me, as a physician,” says Chuice CEO Dr. Sujit Sharma. “We have launched a product that has simplified eating well, even when crunched for time. Fiber is probably the single most important nutrient that most Americans eat far too little of. By driving packaged food innovation that includes more fiber, this is an opportunity to pave a way for packaged food companies to play a larger role in disease prevention, something our current healthcare system isn’t doing so well at.”

The new packaging makes the product much more enticing. A sleek new bottle is easier to sip (and chew) from, and the 8­ounce serving is ideal for a lot of consumers, especially those who eat more small meals throughout the day and enjoy Chuice for snacking. Fitness studios are also excited to carry the smaller bottles, which will retail with a SRP of $4.99. In addition to the uniqueness of being a “juice you chew”, Chuice is also on the forefront of a new category of premium HPP “grab and go” products that offer more farm freshness (and health benefits) than their heat-­pasteurized predecessors. But within an explosively growing $3 billion segment, Chuice is evolving a new category that offers more of a whole food in a bottle rather than a drink. Nutritionists and medical experts often complain that the downside of juicing trends is that a lot of nutrients, such as fiber, are often left out. Chuice solves that problem, and has a whopping 9 grams of fiber per 12 oz. bottle.

Many may ask, “Why chewing?” and the answer is simple. Chewing naturally starts the digestion process (major body function benefit), and it also makes your brain think it’s eating, thus being more satisfying than just drinking. Additionally, it can slow down consumption, helping to control calorie intake.

Chuice has grown a loyal following in Atlanta over the last few years. As the company relaunches the brand, it is forging partnerships with local farmers who grow ingredients they use and are looking for demand. According to Dr. Sharma, “We are in a unique position as a startup poised for rapid growth; not only have we launched a new category of food here in Atlanta and shown proof-­of-­concept, we have the opportunity to make it so our growth provides a path for new economic opportunity for urban and rural farms here in Georgia.”

You can find Chuice at all Atlanta Whole Foods Market stores and local independent retailers. Chuice also ships nationally through its website,

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Chuice is produced by Taste of Earth Acquisition, LLC. Chuice is a chewable juice made with 35+ fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs. It was created in Atlanta by holistic health coach and celebrity trainer Ladell Hill, on a quest to create the perfect fuel. The company is on a mission to make healthier lifestyles easier and more sustainable, through products that are balanced and more attuned to people’s physiological needs.