Coconut Beach Expands Distribution With DPI Deal


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (October 4, 2016) – Coconut Beach a San Diego-based coconut beverage and snacks company, announced today that it will be widening distribution with DPI Specialty Foods, one of the leading specialty food distributors in the United States. DPI delivers an extensive variety of specialty foods from around the world, including gourmet, natural, organic, gluten-free, local and ethnic, and a team of passionate specialists analyze food trends, seasonality, customs and changing demographics to allow their partners to achieve continued growth and profitability.

Coconut Beach launched in July 2015 and have seen fast success due to a unique business model that allows them to sell all of their products for a suggested retail price of 99 cents. The company already has a retail footprint of more than 15,000 stores nationwide, including 99 Cents Only stores across the southwestern United States; Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet, Foods Co. and Food 4 Less stores nationwide; and can also be purchased on and

“We chose DPI as a distribution partner because they have such a diverse network of vendors in the many different food and beverage categories we’re working to break into,” said Coconut Beach co-founder Kent Harrington. “We’re confident that DPI has the power to customize a distribution program that will allow us to continue to grow our annual sales and reach new customers, while staying true to our mission of being accessible to every consumer.”

The brand is also focused on rolling out new launches regularly, their latest being a Coconut Milk and a new flavor of Coconut Chips in a Natural Honey flavor. These products join an existing line of Pure and Pulp-infused Coconut Water and Coconut Chips in flavors including Dark Chocolate and 100% Natural toasted.

Both the new and existing products will undergo an increase in distribution upon the start of this arrangement, which began in September 2016.

About Coconut Beach:
Coconut Beach is revolutionizing the way we view healthy food and beverages by offering quality coconut water and snacks at affordable prices to make a healthy, happy and hydrated lifestyle accessible to all. Not so much a location as a state of mind, Coconut Beach is about a shared set of values. The San Diego-based company believes in acting with integrity and strives to produce only the most delicious, naturally flavorful snacks and drinks. The products refresh, replenish, nurture and delight, while complementing an active lifestyle. All Coconut Beach products are made and packaged straight from the coconut in Thailand, meaning they are completely free of concentrate. Coconut Beach supports Thailand’s local farming communities by working with suppliers that provide fair wages and safe conditions, and the company does not employ animals in any step of production. The founders are Mitchell Compton II, Michael Reidy and Kent Harrington, who reside in San Diego.