Double Cola Reveals SKI’s 60th Anniversary Sweepstakes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (April 5th, 2016) – The Double Cola Company is thrilled to celebrate SKI’s 60th anniversary during the upcoming summer of 2016. Born on August 10th of 1956, SKI citrus soda is richly crafted with real lemons and oranges and has become heritage for many fans over several generations.

In honor of the beloved brand’s anniversary, The Double Cola Company is partnering with Visit Myrtle Beach to promote SKI’s 60th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Beginning May 1st, there will be a 60-day spree of 60 giveaways, including 4 grand prize trips to Myrtle Beach. Along with this fantastic all-expenses-paid trip, other prizes include an Anniversary Edition SKI bicycle, antique logo signage, and free SKI, of course.


To participate, fans must visit the sweepstakes entry page, Along with contact information, fans are asked to submit 3 words they would use to describe their personal SKI experience.

The Double Cola Company, parent company of the SKI brand family, is excited about promoting this summer sweepstakes with the help of dedicated SKI bottlers and distributors.

“We are very grateful to celebrate this brand’s success and history,” said Gina Dhanani VP of the Double Cola Company. “It gives us a chance to give back to our loyal fans who have been drinking SKI for several generations.”


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