Honeydrop Beverages Retains Blaze Public Relations

NEW YORK, July 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BLAZE PR is proud to announce that Honeydrop Beverages, the cold-pressed raw honey lemonade company, has joined its roster of healthy lifestyle consumer clients. Honeydrop’s unique blend of honey and classic lemonade is as environmentally friendly as it is healthy, made entirely with raw local honey sourced from regional beekeepers. Additionally, consumers get the satisfaction of knowing that a percentage of the proceeds go to the beekeepers they partner with to build and maintain beehives to fight against Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an epidemic threatening the global bee population.

“Our product is beneficial for the consumer and the environment, furthering our mission to enrich overall health and well-being,” said Mareill Kiernan, Sales and Marketing Director for Honeydrop Beverages. “BLAZE understands our message and we know that by partnering with their dedicated team, we’ve made the right choice.”

BLAZE will execute aggressive media outreach, target opportunities that build buzz, create social awareness regarding the plight of bees and pursue all and any avenues that allow the client to speak about the health benefits of the honey and the product itself.

“We are always eager to work with clients that are dedicated to the health and well-being of consumers,” said BLAZE PresidentMatt Kovacs. “What Honeydrop is doing here is special, and we can create an environmentally conscious and pro-active fan base that truly understands Honeydrop’s model.”

Honeydrop Beverages recently debuted its newest line of cold-pressed honey lemonades, including charcoal, lavender, basil, limeade, pomegranate and passion fruit, all sourced with local honey. In addition to the available flavors sourced with raw local honey, Honeydrop Beverages offers a line of honey lemonades sourced with Manuka honey and turmeric, both of which known for their health benefits and variety of uses.

For more information and where to buy Honeydrop Beverages’ available flavors, visit www.honeydrop.com

ABOUT HONEYDROP BEVERAGES Honeydrop Beverages’ line of cold-pressed raw honey lemonades contains a tablespoon of raw honey for purifying, nourishing juices that enrich overall health and well-being. Always gluten and GMO free, Honeydrop’s ingredients, which include raw, local honey and supercharged antimicrobial Manuka honey, are of the highest integrity and minimally processed to preserve their amazing health benefits and flavor. Honeydrop Beverages also donates proceeds to local beekeepers to battle Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an epidemic threatening the global bee population. Honeydrop’s line of beverages can currently be found at leading retailers such as Whole Foods, Fairway, Fresh Direct, Central Market, Fresh Market, Mrs Greens, and other fine retailers. Honeydrop also makes ordering and delivery easy with a simple online ordering system and direct delivery service, including national shipping. For more information and to order online, visit: www.honeydrop.com.

Consumers with a personal buzz can learn more at www.honeydrop.com or email: hello@honeydrop.com.

Distributors and retailers interested in stocking Honeydrop can e‐mail: bizbuzz@honeydrop.com

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