JUST Water Adds Errol Schweizer and Dwight Richmond as Strategic Advisors

Glens Falls, NY., July 12, 2016 – JUST is thrilled to welcome natural and sustainable products innovators Errol Schweizer and Dwight Richmond to its team of advisors, supporting the sustainable growth of its first product, JUST water, while strategically mapping other value chains that can be positively impacted. JUST water is 100% spring water, responsibly sourced, produced and packaged for improved environmental and social impact.

“It is an honor to have Errol and Dwight joining JUST as advisors,” said JUST CEO Grace Jeon. “They are both visionary leaders who are on the forefront of sustainable innovation with emphasis on the entire value chain. Errol and Dwight innately understand the role of businesses to have positive impact on local communities and the environment. We look forward to new sourcing and product development models for everyday goods, where everyone can benefit.”

Errol Schweizer is the former Executive Global Grocery Coordinator for Whole Foods Market. For more than seven years, he led negotiations and merchandising for the largest and most profitable department at Whole Foods. Schweizer is an advocate and leader for all things organic, Non-GMO and biodynamic.

In 2015, Schweizer was named one of the Top 25 Retail Leaders and Game Changers by Supermarket News, and he was the recipient of a Whole Foods Market Global All-Star award in both 2008, 2011 and 2014.

“Consumers are driving massive changes in how products are sourced and sold,” said Schweizer. “JUST understands the shift and is offering better solutions – starting with JUST water – that are considerate to the environment, while also providing value for consumers and local communities.”

Dwight Richmond worked closely with Errol Schweizer as the Global Grocery Purchasing Coordinator for Whole Foods Market, where he was successfully selected and nurtured grocery items for more than 70 categories. He has worked with hundreds of vendors, distributors, regions and other stakeholders to effectively develop the grocery program at Whole Foods. He too was the recipient of the Whole Foods Market Global All-Star awards in 2012 and 2013.

“JUST is addressing the source of global challenges, ultimately creating a product that is sustainable throughout its entire lifecycle,” said Richmond. “There is great opportunity for more businesses to be founded based on the principle of impact like JUST.”

About JUST

Headquartered in Glens Falls, New York, JUST aims to create optimism and economic value through operational innovation and delivering disruptive products at affordable prices. A diverse group of impact investors, artists, and members of the science and innovation community came together to form JUST and support the launch of its first product, JUST water.

JUST water is 100% spring water sourced from the Glens Falls watershed in the Adirondack Mountains, where water is abundant. An ethical trade revenue partnership with the city of Glens Falls is revitalizing the local community by paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of its excess water. This appreciable revenue over time helps to upgrade aging water infrastructure, while the business model itself is restoring industry, providing jobs and protecting the watershed.

The JUST water bottle is made of 82% renewable resources by using plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane and FSC-certified paper, creating up to 74% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional PET plastic bottles. For more information, visit www.justwater.com.