nuun Launches Upgraded Plant-Based Recipe with Improved Performance and Comprehensive Clean Certifications

cta-nuun-energy-newSeattle, Washington – nuun and company, the #1 selling sports drink brand in sports specialty retail, announces their clean living platform with a commitment to clean product, sport and planet. Their popular sports hydration products nuun Active and nuun Energy have been improved to increase performance and to deliver the cleanest, healthiest ingredients on the market. Through this process all nuun products are certified vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and Informed-Choice Trusted By Sport. All nuun products are sold in a multi-serving recyclable tube encouraging consumers to drink from reusable containers.

The recipe for nuun Active and nuun Energy is built on the current base formula with its’ optimal electrolyte blend and has been upgraded with the addition of new plant based sweeteners and ingredients including monk fruit extract, beet juice powder and avocado oil. The primary sweetener in nuun is now monk fruit extract, a low glycemic, zero calorie sweetener, sourced for its’ purity and preferred taste. Another unique addition has been avocado oil, which is used in the production and manufacturing of the tablets. The caffeine source for the nuun Energy product is also plant based derived from organic green tea extract. Mango Orange is a new flavor in the sought-after nuun Energy line, which also includes Fresh-Lime, Wild Berry and Cherry Limeade.

As a result of the addition of these plant based ingredients and the development process focused on ingredient purity and intent nuun has earned notable certifications and support from the natural foods industry. The product is now certified vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and is non-GMO sourced.  In addition to being the #1 selling sports drink product in bike, run, outdoor specialty, and outdoor chain stores, nuun is now available at every Whole Foods in the country and other natural foods retailers including Sprouts and the Vitamin Shoppe.

“I am very proud of what the nuun team has achieved together improving on what was already a marketplace leader,” said Kevin Rutherford nuun President and CEO. “We challenged ourselves two years ago to leverage all of our collective resources to deliver the best nuun possible. We have exceeded our expectations and are very thankful of the support we have received from our customers.”

The performance benefits of nuun have been optimized due to multiple ingredients improvements. One addition is non-GMO sourced dextrose, a fast releasing carbohydrate that increases the rate of fluid and electrolyte delivery to working muscles by utilizing multiple absorption pathways allowing the body to metabolize key nutrients more efficiently.

“One of our primary innovation principles on this project was for every ingredient to serve a functional and physiological purpose with the ultimate goal of creating a more efficient hydrating product,” shared Vishal Patel nuun Chief Nutritionist. “The addition of dextrose is a perfect example of this allowing us to increase fluid and nutrient delivery while also maintaining tablet integrity.”

In addition to developing clean product with optimal performance, strengthening the movement for clean sport is a highly valued cause at nuun. This is achieved through creating a level playing field both through celebrating clean athletes and those lacking proper access to athletics. nuun sponsors professional athletes, clean sport advocates such as Kara Goucher, Jeremy Powers and Lanni Marchant helping them earn the top podiums in sport. nuun is also a sponsor of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the JAM Fund which both eliminate barriers for athletes to achieve success and to become inspiring ambassadors for sport. To display their clean sport commitment to all athletes and customers, nuun is third party tested by Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport ensuring none of their products are contaminated with banned substances.

“At nuun, we’re on a mission to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so that everyone can achieve life’s next personal best,” added Kevin Rutherford. “This is only achieved through bringing awareness to these important issues rewarding those that choose to do the right thing and providing opportunity to those that are less advantaged.”

All of this builds on nuun’s mantra to live clean across product, sport and the planet. As a brand nuun continues to lead by example encouraging everyone to reduce his or her impact on the environment. Their product continues to be sold in a recyclable tube encouraging consumers to use reusable containers. nuun also supports environmental causes like People for Bikes and the Conservation Alliance. New and improved nuun Active and nuun Energy are now available across sports specialty retailers including REI, Performance Bike, Fleet Feet and the Running Specialty Group, natural foods retailers including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme and Vitamin Shoppe and grocery retailers including HEB, Ralph’s, King Soopers and Fred Meyer. There are 10 tablets per tube and the retail price is $6.99.

About nuun & company

nuun and company, based in Seattle, WA, is the pioneer of electrolyte enhanced drink tablets that turn water into an optimally balanced sports drink without the added sugars and plastic waste of traditional sports drinks. Founded in 2004, nuun is used by the world’s best athletes and enthusiasts in running, cycling, triathlon, outdoor and general fitness. Twelve years later, nuun active hydration remains the #1 selling sports drink product in bike, run, outdoor specialty, and outdoor chain stores. nuun is sold in over 9,000 outlets in the US and available in over 30 countries. To learn more and find a store in your local area, visit, friend them on or follow them on Twitter @nuunhydration.