Press Clips: Monster Looks to Move Caffeine Case to Federal Court; ABA Fights Soda Warning Labels in San Francisco

Monster-Can1-134x300Monster Looks to Move Caffeine Case to Federal Court

Monster Beverage Corp. is combatting San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera’s efforts to make the energy drink giant “reformulate its product to safe caffeine levels, provide adequate warning labels and cease promoting over consumption.” According to Courthouse News, the company has asked a federal appeals court to reverse a decision to allow the case to be tried in state court, arguing that it should be resolved on the federal level.

“You can search every case book: You will not find any reported decision where a court is adjudicating the safety of an ingredient in a food product where the plaintiff is not the United States of America” said Monster attorney Dan Marmalefsky. “The City Attorney does not have the right to bring that claim.”

ABA Fights Soda Warning Labels in San Francisco

The American Beverage Association (ABA) is fighting an measure to place warning labels on sugary drinks in San Francisco. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, ABA attorney Richard Bress told U.S. federal judge Edward Chen last week that the proposed labels — which would indicate that sugary beverages increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay — would imply such beverages are more dangerous than they are.

“It’s like having an ad (warning) on Toyotas, saying Toyotas contribute to fatal crashes,” Bress said.

The ABA, along with the California Retailers Association and the California State Outdoor Advertising Association, are seeking an injunction of the label requirement, which is currently set to go into effect July 25.

Monster Meets Punisher

In other Monster happenings, the company’s energy drinks have made their way onto a new menu of food offerings at the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field. Atlanta Eater reports that this season, concessions provider Delaware North will be serving up the “Punisher,” described as “country-fried smoked rib meat slathered in a Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce, topped a beer-battered onion ring and “slawsa,” stuffed in between a toasted and buttered Hawaiian bun, and pinned in place with two slices of candied bacon.” Also new to the menu are the “Tater Tot Chop” and the “T.E.D.”, served with Coca-Cola-infused ketchup and BBQ sauce, respectively.

Making Water From Maple Waste

North Country Now recently profiled Norwood, N.Y. resident Margaret Finen, who launched a “Tree Water” brand in 2014 using water that would otherwise be discarded during the production of maple syrup. Unlike maple water brands, which market and sell maple sap in its raw form, Finen’s company Tree H2O LLC utilizes reverse osmosis to remove 75 percent of water from the maple sap to produce Amazi, a sparkling water line. Finen, who owns a 56-acre maple farm with her husband James, says she’s currently in talks with the state department of agriculture and market to address regulatory issues pertaining to the product.

EvyTea to Open Tea Bar in Boston

Boston-based cold brew tea brand Evy Tea is opening up a tea bar. Boston Eater reports that the company will open up Tea Bar by EvyTea in May the city’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood, across the street from the famed Samuel Adams Brewery. The 1,000-square-foot space will seat 14 people inside, with an additional room for 10-15 outside. Founder Evy Chen told Eater that Tea Bar will focus on beverage primarily before potentially expanding into food, and that the space will also be used to host events and classes aimed at introducing people to the process of making cold brew tea.