Dallas-based Juice Company Vim +Vigor Rebrands as Vim Vitae

Coming off of an exciting year of growth, with the hiring of CEO Nick Mysore, the Dallas-based juice brand formerly known as Vim + Vigor has officially rebranded itself as Vim Vitae.

“Vim Vitae means the lively, energetic, spirt of life and that has always been at the core of who we are,” Mysore saidDallas-based Juice Company Rebrands as Vim Vitae. “Our fresh, new name brings more of that vitality forward and we hope you feel as energized by the change as we do.”

In addition to a new name, Vim Vitae recently expanded to include a line of exotic juices. From vitamin c and vitamin b6 to super spices like tamarind and turmeric, the exotics come in four flavor profiles fulfilling a plethora of health benefits. The Vim Vitae Exotics are:

  • Spicy Rita (orange, jalapeno, lemon, cucumber, cilantro)
  • Chia Sangria (orange, cucumber, apple, lime, beet, chia)
  • Jicama High Five (jicama, cucumber, apple, lime, ginger, beet)
  • T2 Tonic (turmeric, tamarind, jicama, orange, apple, lime)

All of the Exotics are packed with natural vitamins from four pounds of farmer’s market fresh, organic produce and taste bud tickling flavors for140 calories or less. And as with all Vim Vitae juices, there are no added sugars, concentrates, preservatives, artificial flavors or additives. These juices are naturally vegan, gluten free, organic certified, non-GMO, and made in Texas.

Vim Vitae Exotics can be purchased via the company website, Dallas-area Neiman Marcus stores, Highland Park’s Royal Blue Grocery and Alfalfa’s Market of Colorado.

“Consumers are looking for healthy snacks and drinks that taste good and are not empty calories,” registered dietician Whitney Ross said. “This Exotics line meets and exceeds those needs.”

The healthy lifestyle brand is anticipating 2017 to be one of innovation and further product rollout as a direct reflection of these consumer trends and insights. More details to follow in the coming months.

Vim Vitae, originally Vim + Vigor, was founded in 2012 by cousins Annie Stull and Elizabeth Black. What started as a juice cleanse venture has evolved into a full line of nutritional products that help their customers cultivate healthy habits to integrate into their day to day diet. Vim Vitae’s juices are made with 100 percent organic, raw, unaltered, and unprocessed ingredients.