Beyond Watermelon Water Launches in US

MELBOURNE — After an incredible Hydration Sensation in Australia, the team from down under is launching “Beyond” in the USA. With a sweltering summer in full swing, Beyond 100% pure watermelon is ripe, juicy and good to go!

“Our watermelon water is an exciting new category in the rapidly growing market of functional beverages and we are proud to provide a healthy choice to consumers that is all natural, GMO-free, fair trade and kid-friendly” said founder Russell Lipton. “We are also thrilled to be rolling out with our San Diego distributor Seacoast Distribution.”

Packaged in a world first 10 oz. premium glass bottle, this shelf stable beauty will assist summer lovers with a powerhouse of nutrition.

~ Lets start with lycopene, it’s love our body craves.

~ Then we have potassium power, the rescue for electrolytes.

~ No added sugar: we are just 100% pure, so quench your the thirst and hydrate the natural way.

~ We have citrulline, the amazing amino acid. Who can say no to this?

About The Beyond Team

Founded in 2010 by Russell Lipton, the journey began with a coconut water brand in Australian which at the time was a category first. Now its commoditized, so it was important to follow trends worldwide which forged our love for watermelon water. It’s always been associated with summer and now we have been able to bottle the goodness and not add anything other than 100% love.Our 10 oz. premium glass is not just recyclable but reusable which is a big tick for the environment.