Cool Mountain Beverages Releases Reallife 100

DES PLAINES, Ill. — Cool Mountain Beverages, Inc. announces the release of “Realife 100”, an addition to our Realife product line of caffeine infused, pure spring waters.

This expansion was driven by demand from a segment of our customer base who are leading an increasingly active life style. They want our pure, clean, refreshing taste and perfect ph balance, but desire a little more caffeine. To answer their demand, we created Realife100. A 100 mg caffeine version of the very popular, original 70mg version of Realife

Realife is spring water, fresh, clean, and rich in beneficial minerals, an organic natural drinking water in its purest form. It’s a “functional Beverage”, caffeine infused to combat fatigue. And, it has a perfectly balanced 7+ pH to promote health, protecting us from the inside out. Realife is a healthy dose of what you need when you need to be alert, focus, and concentrate – and Finish Strong!. No sugar, no calories, no crash with a clean cool taste of refreshment. Realife is the clear alternative to the vast ocean of energy drinks and sugary sodas found on the market today.

Last year bottled water became the largest beverage category, beating out carbonated soft drinks. Bottled water maintains the undisputed number one position in the non-alcoholic beverage market and will for some time, according to Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) Research. As our president Bill Daker has stated, “Water is the now the largest player in the ready to drink category. The individual segments of waters offered have grown exponentially and we want to be a bigger player in the value added segment. Realife 100 helps us expand our foot print in this market.”

Realife was designed for real people”, real people engaging in the challenges of real life, everyday – to hydrate, balance and refresh, to give you the get up and go you need to get the job done, to help you get through and achieve the results you’re looking for. And now, you have a choice on how you welcome your next refreshing moment.


Pure Spring Water, 0 calories, a perfectly balanced 7+pH, 70mg caffeine

And for those who want more…


Pure Spring Water, 0 calories, a perfectly balanced 7+pH, 100mg caffeine