Right On Brands Enters New Niche in Illinois and Missouri Markets

LOS ANGELES— Right On Brands, Inc is excited to announce that it is working with a new distributor, SIB Distribution, to distribute Endo Water, a CBD-based beverage, in southern Illinois and the St. Louis, MO region.

SIB Distribution is an established non-alcoholic beverage and snack distributor based in Nashville, IL and covers 36 counties in southern Illinois and the St. Louis area. It just received its first shipment of Endo Water which is pH balanced and micro-clustered for antioxidant protection and oxygenated for improved performance and energy. It’s available in four flavors: Pure, Lemon Lime, Cucumber and Watermelon. In the new production run we will now have Sparkling CBD Flavors including a Sparkling Club Soda.

“SIB Distribution is just one of the many new regional distributors that we plan to add in the coming weeks,” Vic Morrison, executive vice president, corporate development, Right On Brands, says. “There’s a strong level of interest with regional distributors who are feeling more comfortable with adding Endo Water now that they realize CBD products are no longer targeted by law enforcement.”

Morrison adds that the “the strong profit margins and high consumer demand have made our Endo Water product irresistible to regional distributors who want to find a strong  break out product for their suite of offerings.”

About Right On Brands, Inc.

Right On Brands, Inc., a Los Angeles-based consumer goods company, specializes in brand development of health conscious, cannabis-based food and beverage products. It has four subsidiaries: Humbly Hemp, Endo Brands, Humble Water Company and ENDO Labs.

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For more information about Right On Brands: https://RightOnBrands.com

For more information about Endo Brand products: http://www.endobrands.com

About SIB Distribution

SIB Distribution is based in Nashville, IL. In business for 18 years, it caters to grocery stores, convenient stores, liquor stores, schools, sporting events, special events, restaurants, bars and more. For more information visit www.sibev.com/about-us