Tinley Completes Production of New Hemplify Beverages

SANTA MONICA, Calif. & TORONTO — The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Tinley”) is pleased to announce that it has completed production of a new batch of Hemplify with updated flavors and packaging.

Rolling Out to Existing Stores

Tinley’s Hemplify hemp extract drinks are currently available in 100+ stores in Southern California, including several of the state’s leading premium grocery chains. The Company has begun the process of replacing the old product with the newly-produced versions at these stores and expects to complete this conversion over the next 10 days. The Company’s key distributor has also placed a purchase order for additional stock.

The Company is also pleased to announce that Hemplify will be available at 420 Central, one of Southern California’s largest cannabis dispensaries. This represents a progression towards broader distribution in the dispensary channel for Hemplify, which furthers the Company’s goal of driving cross-branding, merchandising and natural lifestyle synergies between the Company’s Hemplify Hemp Extract CBD products and its Tinley cannabis-infused drinks

The new Hemplify products include a lemon-lime flavor as well as an updated mixed berry flavor. The tropical flavor remains unchanged. Additionally, the labels have been redesigned to reflect the shift in store placement from head/smoke shops to premium grocery and wellness-focused natural food stores.

The Company intends to resume its in-store demo program to enable shoppers to sample the updated products on site. The Company also plans to launch an integrated marketing program with its upcoming Tinley ’27 cannabis products.

Reopening of Web Store

Tinley has reopened its web store at www.drinkhemplify.com, where consumers can order the new Hemplify for shipment throughout the USA. The store has added Tinley-branded merchandise, which is available for shipment anywhere in North America. Further, given the popularity of electronic currencies, the web store now accepts Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency built upon blockchain technology. Using the SpectroCoin exchange, The Company’s web store enables consumers to make purchases with the electronic currency without exposing the Company to fluctuations in the value of this currency relative to the US dollar. Hemplify products are also available on www.amazon.com within the United States.

Wholesale enquiries can be made at info@drinktinley.com. Please note that Hemplify is currently only eligible for sale in the USA. The Company hopes to make its hemp extract products available in Canada and other jurisdictions internationally when regulations permit.

About The Tinley Beverage Company and Hemplify

The Tinley Beverage Company (Toronto, Canada) manufactures a line of liquor-inspired, alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beverages for use in California. Tinley also manufactures the “Hemplify” and “Tinley™ Tonics” line of products, which are available in 100+ retail locations in California and online throughout the United States. “Hemplify®” is a line of fruit-flavored, sugar-free, vegan, drinkable supplements that contain hemp stalk extract. This extract contains terpenes and other phytoconstituents. Each product also contains 9-12x the potassium electrolyte content of major sports drinks, 200mg of Omega 3 and excellent sources of 9 vitamins, including 100% DV of Vitamin C, B12 and D. The Tinley™ Tonics squeeze supplement is a creamy, chocolate blend of hemp extract, MCT oil and lactose-reduced whey protein.

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