Vessl to Attend FBIF 2018 in Shanghai

TEMPE, Ariz. — Vessl has been invited to attend FBIF 2018 in Shanghai, China on April 18 – 20. The Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) is known internationally as one of the most influential events in the food and beverage industry. The three-day event is held to exhibit creative solutions for the industry through four sub-forums, each consisting of leaders from some of the industry’s most successful companies and most innovative small businesses. A few of the companies represented at this years FBIF will include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Suntory, Google, Nestle Waters, and HP, to name a few.

Gizmo Beverages, Inc., founder and CEO, Walter D. Apodaca Jr., will be speaking at the InnoPack sub-forum about the solutions his product, the Vessl closure, has to offer. Vessl is a patented, pressurized closure and delivery device that provides instant mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use. Upon opening the Vessl closure, it automatically propels and instantly mixes its active content (vitamins, flavors, gasses, serums, etc.) into the base container, providing an exciting visual display and confirmation of product activation for the user. Apodaca had this to say about the innovative Vessl closure, “By storing active content in the Vessl pressurized chamber we are able to provide unique solutions for the formulation of all natural, clean label offerings across a wide range of products, including beverage, food, nutraceuticals, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, household chemical and much more.”

One such solution that will be a major point of focus in Mr. Apodaca’s address during the InnoPack sub-forum is how Vessl provides the ability to compact the essential components of traditionally cumbersome liquid products and finally give beverage companies (among others) the freedom to cost-effectively compete in the ever-growing e-commerce marketplace.

Apodaca makes the point that even though e-commerce makes up 10% of total U.S. retails sales today, an e-commerce dominated retail environment is clearly inescapable. Apodaca says, “At one point in the U.S., horses accounted for 90% of transportation, with motorized transport accounting for only 10% – but the car was inescapable. U.S. retail sales through e-commerce have grown at 0.5% per year over the last 10 years. The problem for many major mainstream brands sold in bulky liquid-filled bottles is that their products often lack the profit margin required to support storage, shipping and handling through the e-commerce supply chain, but the trend is clear and brands need to adapt or perish.”

When asked how Vessl intends to help businesses adapt to this trend Mr. Apodaca had this to say, “Bulky liquid products can’t be compressed into digital information in the way that more common e-commerce products, such as books, movies, and music have. However, here at Vessl Inc., we have a solution. By removing the need for a bottle we can ship 700,000 closures on a single truckload as opposed to roughly 50,000 half liter bottles. This will enable many products to cost-effectively participate in the e-commerce revolution, while also reducing their impact on the environment.”

For more information on Vessl’ innovative solutions, FBIF attendees can find Mr. Apodaca at booth F05 and can listen to his address at the InnoPack sub-forum.

The owners of Vessl, Gizmo Beverages, Inc. are headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. They hold the worldwide exclusive rights to the patented Vessl technology. Vessl is a pressurized bottle cap that employs an oxygen-depleted and nitrogen pressurized delivery chamber to create a preservative-free storage environment for a variety of applications such as beverages, nutraceuticals, aeration, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and much more. The Vessl technology is also is used in other beverages and skin care products produced by third parties in 32 countries around the world. For more information visit and For inquiries and questions contact: Karin Gerlach, Director of Marketing at or 859-462-1820.