Wild Kombucha Begins Offering Home Delivery

BALTIMORE — Baltimore kombucha brewer Mobtown Fermentation today announced that their Wild Kombucha products are now available for home delivery through a partnership with local produce delivery service South Mountain Creamery. This partnership marks the first home delivery service for kombucha in Baltimore.

Wild Kombucha, which is a fermented tea beverage flavored with natural fruit juices touted for its health benefits, is a natural fit for South Mountain Creamery, which prides itself on offering all-natural products. Delivery will be available throughout the greater Baltimore area, as well as Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.

“There is an increasing demand among consumers for products that are available for home delivery, and we wanted to make sure that our customers have that option,” said Sid Sharma, co-owner of Mobtown Fermentation. “We’re glad to be able to offer this service thanks to South Mountain Creamery.”

The new delivery service announcement marks Wild Kombucha’s second partnership this year designed to increase distribution. A collaboration with Coastal Sunbelt Produce was announced in June that allows them to double the number of states where Wild Kombucha is available, although they remain committed to making local markets a priority. Delivery orders are now being accepted through the Wild Kombucha website at www.mobtownfermentation.com.

About Wild Kombucha

Mobtown Fermentation has been brewing their brand, Wild Kombucha, in Baltimore since 2015. Originally started by three friends in a garage, Wild Kombucha has since grown to occupy a four thousand square foot brewery in Timonium, MD, where they brew their six different flavors of kombucha using all natural ingredients creating a healthy, probiotic carbonated drink. For more information, visit www.mobtownfermentation.com.

About South Mountain Creamery

Randy and Karen Sowers started farming in 1981. By 1987, they had purchased their home farm of 100 acres. By2001, they had their own on farm-dairy processing plant, the first in Maryland. Today the Sowers family owns and farms 2,200 acres. SMC has come a long way since its inception, but the basic philosophy has never changed. Our joy is producing and delivering products that you can put on your table and feel good about. Fresh. Produced responsibly. Wholesome and nutritious.