Hellowater Launches in Wal-Mart

CHICAGO– Hello Beverages LLC is pleased to announce Hellowater mini fiber-infused beverages in the juice/kid’s section of over 800 Wal-Marts.

Hellowater, the nation’s top-selling fiber-infused premium water, is building another category-leading brand, Hellowater mini. Hellowater continues to win over consumers seeking zero-sugar, healthy beverages for their families – which is leading to ever-wider distribution in the retail channel.

Hellowater mini comes to life with much collaboration from the Wal-Mart category team. Hellowater mini was created out of a demand for healthier options in the kids/juice aisle. “Parents have shared with us that their kids think Hellowater is a treat and parents love that they are getting more quality fiber into their kids bodies without the sugar,” said Rusty Jones, co-founder. “Today we’re excited to introduce Hellowater mini to millions of consumers to inspire health in the largest retailer in the country.”

Mini 4-pack Mixed Berry (SMILE) flavor is naturally sweetened with stevia, infused with 3 g of fiber and has only 5 calories per 8 oz. bottle.

“The decision to launch Hellowater mini will continue to fuel our product growth,” said Tom Bushkie, co-founder and president of Hellowater. “Over the last year, our sales have grown exponentially, and we see the minis product as a natural extension of the brand.”

Fiber and Zero Sugar Benefits

Bushkie attributed the brand’s success to the fact that it hits the sweet spot of what parents today want for their families.

“It starts with zero-sugar,” he explained. “Many shoppers enter the bottled water space when they have kids. And new moms are drawn to the fact that Hellowater has zero sugar, unlike the typical juice drinks on the market, and is naturally sweetened with stevia and infused with fiber.”

Hellowater has followed a similar approach to building the Hellowater mini brand as it did with its flagship trademark, bypassing mainstream advertising and instead using social media and grassroots marketing to create buzz.

Hellowater mini offers consumers a quality functional beverage with inspiring flavors, 0 g of sugar and 3 g fiber to support healthy growth. The recommended daily allowance for kids is 18+ g of fiber per day. Over 97 percent of American are not getting their daily fiber intake. Hellowater minis can help close that gap by providing 3 grams of fiber and help change the landscape of sugar packed juice products in the grocery store. The Hellowater mini 4-pack (SMILE – Mixed Berry) will be landing on Wal-Mart shelves in April 2019.

About Hellowater

Hellowater is creating a fiber category for ready-to-drink beverages to provide consumers with a fun and fresh delivery system for the all-important function of fiber. Hellowater was created with a core belief: inspire health. For more information, visit hellowater.com